Monday, October 3, 2016

Ms. Marvel #11 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Monday

New Beginnings

Written By: G. Willow Wilson
Art By: Takeshi Miyazawa, Adrian Alphona, Ian Herring
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 28, 2016
Publisher: Marvel

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

There have been very few tie-in stories to Civil War II that are good. Of those that are, even fewer are directly dealing with consequences of the crossover and deal with ideas brought up in it. Ms. Marvel, by some impressive work by the creative team has been able to not only directly deal with Civil War II but does it in a way that is enjoyable and dare I say masterful. Granted, I’ve liked this series since before the crossover started but this team has continued to give us amazing content while other books suffer. In addition to dealing with this crossover in stride, the book also is giving us storylines that will legitimately affect Kamala in the future. This book has made the best of a bad situation and I can only hope that it will continue. Let’s find out right now if it does.

The issue begins like the rest in this story arc, with a flashback. This time, the flashback is much more recent as it is near when Kamala began her time as Ms. Marvel. Kamala’s mother runs into Bruno in there house and Bruno is carrying the bangles that she had been given by her mother. She questions why he is there and he tells her that he was planning on creating something for Kamala with the bangles. A type of easy compartment. Her mother questions what he and her daughter are up to and asks if she is in any danger. He doesn’t tell her everything but he tells her that while she is in danger, she can handle it and he’s going to help her. She eventually allows Bruno to go with the bangles but tells him that they have been in her family for a very long time and to take care of them.
Back in the present, Kamala is still at the hospital awaiting news on Bruno when Vick comes around and tells her to go home and rest. She initially declines but he promises to tell her when Bruno wakes up. She leaves but doesn’t go to rest. Instead, she dawns the Ms. Marvel costume and heads out to put her latest plan into action. We cut to the morning where Hijinx is in an old car lot and is claiming that he has placed a bomb in it and is going to blow it up. He is interrupted by Becky in her plasma suit. She begins to beat him up when Ms. Marvel steps in and stops her. Becky claims that Ms. Marvel is now on the wrong side of the law due to her teaming up with a bad guy. In order to do this, she was able to trigger on of Ulysses’ visions but didn’t actually intend to cause violence. However, Hijinx secrets placed another bombs and ended up blowing up a single car. He said it was to make sure it was convincing.

The fight between Becky and Ms. Marvel finally breaks loose and much like last time, it seems that Ms. Marvel has the advantage. Hijinx even calls upon the Ninja Syndicate so Becky is seriously outnumbered when suddenly Captain Marvel slams into the ground, having gotten Kamala’s signal from her locator pendant. Ms. Marvel tells her about what she did and proved that Ulysses can be wrong but Captain Marvel isn’t hearing it. All she’s heard is that Kamala teamed up with a criminal to carry out a criminal act. She even threatens to hand her over to the authorities. Kamala is hurt but she clearly expected as much so she called someone else too. Iron Man flies overhead to join them.
Kamala feels awful about what she’s doing. Captain Marvel has been her hero since before she even had powers and now Kamala is standing against her and in a sense is betraying her. However, she toughs it out and says that even though she doesn’t want to do this, she will protect her city from anyone; even from Carol. Carol argues back and Becky tries to use the opportunity to seize power but Carol tells her that she has overstepped her bounds and has no choice but to court-martial her. Then Carol leaves and Becky is arrested. Kamala and Iron Man walk away and discuss what just happened. They both see a lot of change on the horizon and Kamala fears it but Iron Man tells her that change is what you make it and maybe things will work out.

Several hours later, Kamala is told that Bruno has become conscious again and she rushes to visit him. She explains to him that she fixed everything with the Cadets and that she may have ruined her relationship with Captain Marvel but there won’t be any more predictive justice in Jersey City. However, Bruno yells at her. Bruno tells her that this isn’t about her and that he is seriously fucked up (my words, obviously. Not his). Kamala starts crying and apologizes but Bruno isn’t hearing it. He doesn’t like the way that things have gone since Kamala became Ms. Marvel and he doesn’t even feel like she trust him anymore and he doesn’t really trust her either now. He then tells her that he is leaving. In order to try and save his future, he is going to a facility in Wakanda to try and put his life together again. He ends the conversation by telling her to leave and that he never wants to see her again. Kamala rushes out, crying, and leaves the hospital. She wanted things to go back to the way they were but that’s not going to happen anymore and as she realizes that she defined herself a lot by who was in her life she drops her locator pendant that was given to her by Captain Marvel. Kamala doesn’t really know who she is anymore. This is where the issue leaves us.

Marvel has serious hurt it’s standing in the comic book industry with this crossover. Lots of books quality has dropped significantly and readers are leaving. That said, despite everything else going on around it, Ms. Marvel has managed to give us one of the best comics that I’ve ever read. Honestly, it’s kind of mind boggling but I loved everything about this issue. This book proves that we may be suffering with this crossover, but there is still talent and amazing stories that are there and once it’s over, I think Marvel will start getting back to really great storytelling. This issue of Ms. Marvel just does so much but nothing feels particularly rushed. They deal with serious issues but there is still some of the lighthearted tone that we are used to. However, the light tone doesn’t cheapen the really serious moments. The fight scene is really well done and the art team made it look incredible. Everything about this issue is beyond good. I’ve only given this score out twice so far but I honestly feel like this issue deserved it.

Bits and Pieces

Despite dealing with Civil War II, Ms. Marvel has managed to give us one of the best issues that it’s ever had. It has the fun that regular readers love but the team was smart enough to give the serious moments their due and treat them as they should be treated. The serious moments weren’t cheapened and the fun moments weren’t weighed down. With this issue, Ms. Marvel may be in the running for my favorite book at the moment.


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