Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Justice League #7 Review

End It Already!

Written by: Bryan Hitch
Art by: Jesus Merino, Andy Owens, Adriano Lucas and Richard Starkings
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 19, 2016

The last issue of Justice League was my favorite of the Rebirth series yet.  I'm not saying it was great, but the more personal story that Bryan Hitch started was way better than the nonstop universal threats of the Kindred, Reapers and the Purge.  Plus, there weren't any singing crystals and that is a huge plus in my book!  While I can't really tell you what was making the Justice League act funny (Hitch likes his villains vague), seeing them go nuts with fear and anger was pretty cool.  So, does this issue wrap up this two-parter in style?  Let's jump in and find out...

The issue opens with Batman wondering if he has done enough to make Gotham a better place and just as he fears he is as guilty as the villains he beats down, Superman busts into the Batcave and starts kicking Bat Ass!  We already knew that Superman was pissed at Batman for not trusting him, but now he mixes in a little jealousy and some good, old fashioned anger.

We then head to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean where Aquaman and Wonder Woman talk about their fears and like Superman, it all leads to anger...and maybe the desire to conquer the world. 

Meanwhile in Detroit, Cyborg is playing (totally cheating at) football.  The fear continues to spread through the League as Simon Baz is afraid that he doesn't belong while Cyborg get's all Katy Perry and doesn't want anyone to make eye contact.  Look it up.

After Batman and Superman loose their fear a bit by punching a monitor and cracking wise, we see that Jessica Cruz is giving into her fears with the help of a ominous voice and that Barry is still moving too fast for the world around him.  When he tries to talk to Jessica, she throws up what looks like the monster from last issue.  Epic fail of a date, if you ask me!

Bryan Hitch finally gives us a little more rules to his story when we are told that the fears the League have will be how they are defined by everyone.  Unfortunately, this doesn't really play out as Wonder Woman and Aquaman threaten the U.S. Government, Superman tells Batman he wants to kill him and Batman suggests he may someday go all Injustice on the Joker.  

I can't say everything up to this point was good, but it was great compared to the forced ending we suddenly get.  Barry convinces Jessica Cruz to fight the fear and not let it define the League and she yells, the sky lights up green and it's done.  Of course, Jessica has to give us vague statements about fear and this alien threat..."There's going to be consequences."  Really?  So we should just add this to the vague endings of the Reapers and the Kindred?  The bullshit pile is really starting to get stacked high!!!

The ending of the issue actually is a really big moment and if you are a Jessica Cruz fan, you might yell out "say it ain't so!"  However, I didn't mind it that much because at least it's a solid ending of sorts.  

It's obvious that Bryan Hitch cannot write a satisfying ending to any of his stories.  The beginnings and middles aren't great either, but dammit, end your goddamn stories!!!!

Jesus Merino does a fine job and it's easy to say that his art is the best thing about this issue.  A certain adage about shining a turd comes to mind, but he almost pulls it off. Lipstick on a pig.

Bits and Pieces:

After a decent start, Bryan Hitch gives us an ill defined story, some forced moments and a whole lot of nothing.  This issue confirms that Hitch does not know how to end a story and because of that, I give this issue a certain score that nobody wants.



  1. The opening of this book had me wondering if Hitch might actually be able to do something cool and tell a good story. All of that hope and optimism quickly went away as he went right back into the same garbage he's been doing for 8 issues now. PLEASE GET HIM OFF OF THIS BOOK!!!

  2. At this point the sales have to be plummeting people can say what they want about the n52 (I enjoyedit) but the justice League was pretty much always solid with rebith trying to get more people to come back to DC they really screwed up giving there flagship title to bryan hitch, i have dropped it after the rebirth issue and come here waiting for it to be readable agian

    1. The New 52 Justice League book was one of the few titles that I enjoyed consistently. I don't know how Hitch's JLA run made DC think he should be on this book. Justice League #52 sold 72,000 copies. Rebirth Justice League #2 sold 127,402 and #5 sold 89,342. If this book falls below the New 52 numbers less than 6 months after relaunching, they'll have to do something...I hope.

    2. The problem is that two issues at 60,000/ea is still 120,000/month and they will not change it up

    3. I didn't think about it like that. Good point...DAMMIT!!!

  3. New 52 JL was waaaay better than this. Why? Well Geoff wrote better but IMO TEAM. Hitch's own new 52 JLA was better. Why? TEAM. The team was a TEAM. This team is blah. New old Superman and the Lanterns are not really making this title any better with the dynamics they bring.

    1. Hitch's New 52 JLA was a bunch of garbage equal to this...A good writer can write any team and Hitch is not a good writer! I blame everything that's wrong with this book on him...The Team isn't forcing every story to end with the "I don't think this is the last we see of this" type of bullshit.