Monday, October 17, 2016

Old Man Logan #12 Review and *Spoilers*

Old Man Logan #12
"The Last Ronin, Part 4: The Old Man and the Boy"
Writer - Jeff Lemire
Artist - Andrea Sorrentino
Color - Marcelo Maiolo
Letters - VC's Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
On-Sale Date: 10.12.2016

It's been a little while since I've read a Marvel book... much less reviewed one.  My feelings for the company as well as their offerings have fallen into a slump, teetering somewhere between apathy and disdain.  Judging from the more recent sales figures, I may not be alone in that.... but that's just me being pithy.

In deciding to "dip my toe" back into the Marvel books, I decided it would be best to do so using what is, in my opinion, the most consistently good Marvel book... Old Man Logan.

Picking up where we left off, Logan stands... or floats before the leader of the Silent Order.  He is a young boy with amazing powers, including that of precognition.  He is here to put an end to Logan in the present, as he knows that his own death comes at the Old Man's hand in the future... and we spend most of this issue talking about that.

Which is kind of the problem.

Now, let's not get it twisted.  I still maintain that this is a great book, and a lot of fun to read.  Lemire's dialog and Sorrentino's art are amazing the whole way through... but this is very much a "Part Four of Six".  We get a brief flashback building on the Logan/Maureen relationship we have been following, in which our man finds out he's about to become a father... a rather moving scene.  There is also a pretty satisfying cliffhanger ending.

I will say this... while this is clearly decompressed storytelling, in which not a whole lot happens... and if I'm being honest, the past four issues could have very easily been two... Lemire is so talented a writer and Sorrentino's art is so amazing, that I did not even realize this until stopping to reflect on what I'd just read for this review.  In my time I've read a lot of comics... and in far too many, I can tell a story is being padded or drawn out while reading it... that was not the case here.  I was satisfied with what this issue brought with it, and have no regrets in regard to having purchased it.

Bits and Pieces:

Another decent offering from the Old Man Logan team.  Pretty light on action but still a satisfying (and gorgeous) read.  This will very likely read better in collected edition, though sadly, at this rate you'll be able to plow through the trade in less than a half-hour.


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