Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Batman #11 Review

The Great (Es)Cape

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Mikel Janin, Hugo Petrus, June Chung and Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: November 16, 2016

It's another issue of I am Suicide and going into this one, my head has been swimming with theories.  Was that really Batman?  Is Catwoman really a mass murderer?  Why the hell did Tom King decide to revive Punch?  Actually, that last one makes me laugh and that's not something that Batman books have been known for in the past couple of years. That being said, I hope we get some answers this issue that sheds a little light on Batman's overall plan to take Psycho Pirate from Bane.  Well, do we?  Let's find out...

The book opens with a little cat and bat game (you've played that one, right?) between Batman and Catwoman.  It is in the past...around the time of her killing 237 people!  It still kills me to think that this is what really happened, even if they were all child killing pieces of shit!  As of now, it seems like it did happen which totally sucks..  Anyway, when Batman catches Catwoman, the back and forth coupled with their combined body language really stresses a situation where hands are tied and bodies are very, very tired.

Back in the present and in Santa Prisca prison, Batman gives his orders to Catwoman and they are a big "Protect the Ventriloquist at all costs."  It seems the hero who prepares for everything has something big for Wesker to do and I can't wait to see what it is.

This beginning is quick and even if we don't get any answers yet, it's pretty straight forward. That changes a bit when we drop in on Punch, Jewlee and Bronze Tiger.  Punch shows that he is a bit bonkers (and a poor speller...hint, hint???) and Jewlee follows suit all to the chagrin of Tiger.  It is a good bit of continuity from back in the day and actually made me giggle at his expense!  After a little hint at what Bronze Tiger was up to in Arkham (remember, Batman thought he was faster), the three are escorted into Santa Prisca by an armed guard.  What What?!?

We then go back to Catwoman and Wesker and while Catwoman asks questions that give us a little more insight to Ventriloquist, the quick scene ends up giving us more about Catwoman, herself.  That then leads to a horrible bit, if you are a Catwoman fan.  Don't worry, it's not bloody (yet), but it still broke my heart.

We then get to see the first real peak at Batman's plan and while it starts out pretty standard, it gets real messed up, real quick!  Since Tom King has been playing coy with the overall plan, it's hard to sit back and know what you're reading isn't part of a criss-cross applesauce triple cross.  It's all very exciting in a fucked up kind of way and ends with a couple of characters possibly dead and the rest of them in some major trouble.  However, I will leave you with some questions...Where is the Ventriloquist and why didn't Catwoman tell Bane about him?!?  Criss-Cross Applesauce Triple Cross!!!

Okay, I didn't get the answers I was looking for, but that doesn't mean I didn't like this issue.  It actually got better with repeated readings and I am so intrigued with what King is setting up.  However, that's also the big flaw with this is still all setup.  I believe in my heart of hearts that everything we are getting is going to pay off big time and that this is a story that will be better read as a whole, but I am here reading and reviewing this one issue and again, I did like it...I just didn't get enough to love it...not yet at least.

I did really like Mikel Janin's art a whole lot.  His Catwoman is so good and while the Santa Prisca prison setting didn't do anyone on the art team any favors, they still kick complete ass with the character models and panel layouts.

Bits and Pieces:

Tom King continues Batman's quest to get Psycho Pirate from Bane by giving us a glimpse of the plan...maybe.  This story has really turned into an exciting and intriguing caper that is definitely more than meets the eye.  It may be more setup, but I liked it.  I liked it a lot!



  1. My jaw hit the floor at the end of the issue things are never as they first seem with King though ... Wesker you old bastard do something

  2. The letterer of this and the last issue is doing a very poor job.
    Character names deviate from issue to issue, and sometimes within panels.
    In #10 the Ventriloquinst was called Weskler (which is the incorrect spelling), in #11 he's back to Wesker. Jewelee's name changes from that to Jewlee without any particular reason.

    1. I asked King about the Weskler/Wesker discrepancy. He said that it was a goof that's being corrected for the trade. I'd imagine Jewelee/Jewlee is too. Most likely due to the twice-monthly shipping schedule and the pressure associated with it.

    2. that's some good info..and crazy for such an important book!

  3. There has to be something with the number of people killed right? They seem to emphasizing it way too much. I don't know how it can go but it just seems weird how much they are bringing the specific number up. Agree with your review and your speculation. I'll go back to me saying I think the repetition of Batman was showing how pissed he was, I think that's supposed to also imply how well he has thought this all out.

    1. yea, not sure how it will play out, but i think that Batman is playing a game with every single person involved...all part of his plan

  4. I don't know Jim. this whole thing is the most un-Batman plan ever.
    Crash a plane into Santa Prisca, take on the them entire Santa Priscan army (armed with machine guns) at point blank range, get captured, count on bane breaking your back and throwing you in his old cell WITH YOUR BATSUIT ON! then having exactly the right height rocks to re-fix your crushed vertabrae, then count a team of your villains with no complaince device to follow your orders?

    No one is acting in character, and why does Tom King insist on drawing his villains naked all the time? (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

    1. I'm waiting to see what happens since Tom King has rarely let me down...but, I am getting a little nervous