Wednesday, November 16, 2016

He-Man / Thunder Cats #2 Review

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats??? Noooooooooo!!!

Written by: Lloyd Goldfine & Rob David
Art by: Freddie E Williams
Cover Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 16, 2016
Review by: Branden Murray

He-Man is something that for whatever reason still gets me excited even at my advanced bitter old age. I loved the ongoing comic series DC was putting out a few years ago, I adored the cartoon, had all the toys, and even the movie was my jam as a kid. Anyway, in a very fine issue one of this crossover, our writing team (Lloyd Goldfine & Rob David) almost broke lil’ Branden’s heart when poor Adam looked to be up shits creek without a paddle, at the end of his own sword nonetheless, before a last second assist from “the Power of Grayskull”. From there things ended poorly for everyone but Skeletor, who was able to dispatch Mumm-Ra, allowing him to get his boney hands on the Sword of Power. It took the persistent bastard 35 years by my count to get this sword so I say kudos, however the story must continue, so let’s see what’s brewing here in issue two of the He-Man/Thundercats crossover … very light on Thundercats so far might I add.

Events start shortly after we left last issue with Skeletor in possession of Mumm-Ra’s remnants, scooped tidily into his golden headpiece, preparing what I’m sure is a five star batch of some “mummy stew”. What is it with 80’s TV villains and their potions by the way? As all good chefs know preparation is the key to a good meal, so Skeletor of course starts monologuing to his ingredients, who surprisingly channel their inner Mumm-Ra and start talking back. Skeletor is not deterred by the ghostly voices of Mumm-Ra, having already made a deal with a forgotten “Ancient Spirit of Evil”, while also being in the possession of the Sword of Power. It’s almost like Skeletor is up 3 -1 in the championship finals with game seven in his home stadium … what could go wrong right Golden State and Cleveland?

We transition to check in on He-Man and Battle Cat after rescuing the King last issue. The group doesn’t have very long to gather themselves before an army of He-Man/Thundercats villains combine their efforts to take down the most powerful man in Eternia. With our hero missing his Sword of Power Evil-Lyn and company take the opportunity to rid the side of good of its greatest asset, but things are never easy, trust me I just moved.

The ensuing fight, takes up most of our remaining second act of the issue, but definitely hits all the right He-Man tropes, proving even without his sword this is not someone you want to throw dukes with … despite what a “bob” haircut might lead you to believe. There are several villains, I’m looking at you Tri-clops and Slithe, He-Man puts such a hurting on I would have counted them for dead had they not reappeared later in the issue. 

Back at Kitchen de Skeletor, we see the ol’ bag of bones really go through with it, drinking the Mumm-Ra special brew concoction. After initially looking like things may take a turn for the worse Skeletor reaches for the Sword of Power, screams the magic phrase, and transformers into Super Shredder. Now because Skeletor gains and possesses the Power of Grayskull, and there can be only one, it is taken from He-Man on the spot forcing him to revert back into Prince Adam’s form. However if you remember Prince Adam is still suffering from the injuries he suffered at the hands of Mumm-Ra last issue and has yet to recover therefore falling into his stunned father’s arms.

Our issue wraps up with Skeletor being as braggadocios as ever, with more power than a rednecks Pontiac Firebird his grandad gave him, now plotting his latest double cross on the forgotten entity who blessed him with these abilities. Just when our evil friend thinks all is fine and dandy, our narrator throughout the issue is finally revealed, in a clever twist is found to be Lion-O, with the whole squad at his back, knocking on Skeletor's doorstep. The ending is especially satisfying since I was all fired up reading ready to complain about a severe lack of Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats in my crossover, but next issue looks to be lining up to be a Lino-O and crew heavy book.

Bits and Pieces:

Overall the crossover continues to provide a very intriguing story, with a few different working storylines still all in play, and no confusion in sight. Lloyd Goldfine and Rob David are doing a great job giving each character their voice in a crowded landscape. Meanwhile Freddie E Williams continues to kill art duties and even though the backgrounds in some panels are pretty plain the detail and colors used everywhere else more than make up for the minor hiccup. I would recommend this series to anybody munching on ‘member berries’ for these properties or even just looking for an entertaining comic to enjoy. 



  1. Great and spot on Review once again!

    And yes next issue is going to be Lion-O and Thundercats ns Skeletor, as it was revealed from ths solicitation of issue #3!

  2. Good I want to see what LionO can do against these odds

  3. This is easily one of my favorite books right now. I was a huge fan of both He-Man and Thundercats in the 80s, so I was very wary of these properties being combined. It has all the makings of a hokey crossover event. But I feel like they're leaning into the hokiness and it's paying off. Really looking forward to the rest of the series.