Thursday, November 17, 2016

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 11/16/16

Pro Tip: Put Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman on the Cover

Another week, another dollar. Actually, for my paycheck, that would be pretty generous. But there's another thing we get to look at weekly: all of the swell new covers wrapping DC Comics! I picked five of my favorites, and if your fall outside of these choices, then I am sad to tell you that your eyes are broken or you are somehow unable to appreciate aesthetic beauty! How sad for you!

Batman #11
Mikel Janin
 This sort of reminds me of a recent political debate here in the U.S....but in any case, it's a solid image with some great composition, using only blue and red hues.

Green Arrow #11
Juan Ferreyra
The design of this cover is great because everything is headed towards the right, and that's the edge of the comic book cover you need to turn to begin reading. Imagine Green Arrow's arrow point with a marker that says, "Start Reading Here!"

Superman #11
Patrick Gleason & Alejandro Sanchez
Gosh, it sure is hard to absolutely love this cover. I liked the variant a lot more, but this is way more fun and so incredibly lively. I'd almost want to hang out with these kids, if I didn't think kids were the absolute worst.

Trinity #3
Francis Manapul
An homage to Batman: Year One #1, except this time with Supes and Wondy. I love it. We all know Batman's origin story, but if you didn't then this image would be a primer, in itself. I guess it isn't a very complicated origin story, come to think of it.

Justice League #9 variant
Yanick Panquette and Nathan Fairbairn
This is outside of Panquette's normally organic style, and I absolutely love it. What a crazy picture. It's like something you'd expect to see chiseled into the wall of an ancient tomb, except there are circuit boards around. Those looking to get a tattoo of the Flash or Wonder Woman, these are good arm candidates.

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  1. That Justice League has a great silver age feel to it or maybe it's modern art deco or something between, I can't tell. This just pops off the screen or page depending on how you're looking at it.