Monday, November 21, 2016

Carnage #14 Review - Marvel Monday

Not Really Any Carnage

Written by: Gerry Conway
Art by: Mike Perkins, Andy Troy, Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 16, 2016
Review by: Josh Vermillion

Maybe, just maybe it’s time to get some answers about what is going on with this Darkhold. We’ve spent enough time trying to finally reach this altar, now I’m hoping to finally figure out what’s happening. I’ve been very positive about this book from the start, but I am getting pretty sick of not knowing anything. So let’s see if Gerry Conway could make me see the light this month.

We jump in by checking in on the Anti-Carnage Task Force to see what they’re up to, and get some quick recap while we’re at it. But moving on to what we really came here for, Carnage and Raze have descended into the Temple of Chthon and Carnage is reading from the Darkhold, but not much else happens on that front.

Back with the Task Force, Victoria Montesi informs the group that she was impregnated by Chthon but stopped the child from being born. They get attacked by the little blue inhabitants of the island and are starting to get overwhelmed when John Jameson, in full-on Man-Wolf mode, comes out of nowhere and helps them get away.

Eddie Brock transforms into Toxin and fights Man-Wolf long enough for the team to smash the jewel and turn him back into John Jameson. We then discover what the blue descendants of Chthon want with Carnage. They intend to sacrifice him to bring back their ruler, but in actuality it’s Carnage that will be sacrificing them… in the next issue.

This was one of the more boring issues of the series thus far. Not a lot happens and it’s all setup for something huge next month. Yeah we get some cool art of Man-Wolf and a little bit of Toxin and Carnage but that’s about it. I’m ready to see just where this is going and what will come of the Darkhold, but I just wish we’d get there already.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue was one of the least exciting we’ve gotten thus far and we still didn’t really get any answers. I still really like the art, but this story needs to get where it’s going soon because I’m starting to not care.


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