Sunday, November 20, 2016

Reborn #2 Review

Cats Never Forget

Written by: Mark Miller
Art by: Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, Fco Plascencia and Nate Piekos
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date:November 16, 2016
Publisher: Image
Review by: Christian Faulds

*Non spoilers and Score at the bottom*

So this this series has me really intrigued. Out of all the comics I read this series has so far given me
the most mystery, action, and emotion. The art has been amazing, and not just the pencil work, but the inks and colors have also been spot on. If it seems like I am gushing it is because I am. I can not wait to see what this issue brings to the table. What answers will we receive? Who else will Bonnie meet? Let us gleefully go into this issue and find out.

We start off on a big panel that shows off the landscape of Adystria with Bonnie in a hovercraft in a convey. Bonnie remarks on the amazing scenery. Her father also remarks and explains a bit. Bonie asks why she is in her twenties. Her father remarks that everyone comes through at different ages, that he came in he was three. So one could intuit that people do age in this afterlife, do people die of old age as well? Her father also reveals that they cannot go back to the old world. Bonnie is just happy to be with her dad. Then we get to a see the city they have been heading to. I have to remark on the architecture. There are modern skyscrapers interspersed with Chinese buildings, Venetian villa’s, German store fronts, and mid 19th century watermills. Really Capullo has an excellent eye for architecture.

Bonnie is greeted by throng of people happy that she has arrived. Bonnie asks her father why are they so excited to see her. He tells her that these people have been waiting their entire lives, for her. She asks “Why?” then gets told that she is the one who is going to save them. Her dad points out the Dark Lands and tells her they have been at war with them as long as anyone can remember. That while Adystria is where the good people go the Dark Lands are where the bad people go. He says that they will be terrified to raid now that she is there. The Legends say she will fight Lord Golgotha and bring it all to an end.

After this Bonnie is greeted by a bunch of of people from her past life. She is excited by this and asks if her husband is there as well. Her father then comfortingly tells her that he didn’t know he passed. He tells her that the world is ten times the size of earth and he has been searching his entire life for her mother. He still hasn’t found her. She is taken aback by this. He gets the crowd away so they can talk privately. This is when he explains that the animals help them find people. He then explains the dog we have been seeing is her old dog from Earth, Roy-Boy. She reminisces. As they embrace elders maybe, come and present her with her weapon. This is when her dad explains that the better person you were in your previous life, the more powerful you are here. She can’t believe that a grade school teacher like her could be the person they are describing. Her father reassures her that she was always selfless and doing the right thing and that this is her reward.

Next we go to a party thrown in her honor. This is when she tells them that she can’t take part in the battle that she must go find her husband. She has grieved for him for so long, she must find where he is. Her father then tries to dissuade her. She stands firm and makes the comment “all this time you’ve been looking for mom. You should get this more than anyone.” Then we get a panel with a close up of her father's eye. This leads me to believe that her father does know what the situation is with Bonnie’s mother and husband and doesn’t want to tell her. My prevailing theory is that they were bad and are in the Dark Lands.

Her father acquiesces to her request. She promises to return in one month. Next we see them going off to see the Faerie Queen. Apparently the new Queen has been neglectful and that is why Golgotha has gotten boulder.  He tells her that she has refused to see anyone and to watch out that faeries are terrible gossips after ignoring her question about how powerful she is. She asks why the queen would see her and he explains that she was her best friend in her past life. Her father explains that her religious life caused her stress when she crossed over. Bonnie is confused. They discuss how to bust in past the giant oni when Roy-Boy leaps into action!

Roy-Boy talks the oni and her father grabs its axe and uses it to sweep away the other onu coming to attack them. It is then that a deluge of faeries come and pick them up. They take them to the Estelle the Faerie Queen. She is not amused. She is resentful that everything she had faith in in her past life was a lie. The colloquialism “She can’t see the forest for the trees.” fits aptly here.  She bemoans that she has no purpose in life now. Bonnie tries to help her with this and she tells her to go fuck herself basically. Her father comforts Bonnie and says it was worth a try. They then go off to continue their search.

Then cut to a cat person. He is accompanied by what looks like a uglier version of Baron Harkonnen. They stop at a pool of blood and the cat person asks why they are bleeding the Adystrains that were captured. The floating monster retorts that the master has a plan, and asks if the general is doubting the master. He tells Nettlebed no, and he meant no disrespect. Then Lord Golgotha emerges from his literal blood bath and address general frost, aka cat person. He asks if general if it is true that the savior and him had a history. He confirms this, adding “she caused me a lot of pain”. Golgotha asks if she had him destroyed and he retorts that she had his testicles removed when he was...NINE MONTHS OLD. That part made me laugh. Golgotha asks if Frost has the skills to pay the bills. Frost reveals he does indeed when he makes ice spears impale a group of people. Golgotha remarks “Excellent, prepare a team.”

This was another great issue. While there was answers and rules revealed about this world, questions were also presented. The story was well paced with action and the dialogue very well done with each character having a distinct voice. The art was fantastic. Gregg Capullo has really brought to life the characters and the scenery. Jonathan Galpion has done a marvelous job with the inks. FCO Plascencia’s colors were really amazing, with both Adystria looking bright and dreamlike and the Dark Lands being dark and nightmarish.

Bits and Pieces:

All in all, this is definitely a buy and I can’t recommend this enough and can’t wait to see what comes in the next issue.


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