Thursday, November 24, 2016

Injustice: Ground Zero #8 Review

Just Scales, No Meat

Written by: Chris Sebela
Art by: Pop Mhan
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 22, 2016
Review by: Dillyn Chadwick

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Dillyn here back again with another Injustice: Ground Zero review. This story so far has been a roller coaster of emotions. And I don’t mean the actual story, I mean my enjoyment of it. Each chapter is either really good or really boring. It’s never been bad, per say, but sometimes not so enjoyable. Chapter 8 is here and let’s see if it is still enjoyable.

We start off from where the last chapter left off with Harley and her goons fighting Killer Croc and Bane. Killer Croc is mocking Harley about Joker being back and how she just let Batman arrest him without her making a single meep. Harley elbows Croc in the teeth and we get a Harley flashback with the Joker. Mhan’s art is really great here too, the best he’s had to offer so far in this series.

In the flashback, Joker rewards Harley with a chattering teeth toy for showing him what he missed out in this dimension. This is clearly the other dimensions Joker but I’m confused when this could have happened. I guess it could have happened before Harley takes Joker to her goons hideout but it’s a jarring jump. But in this flashback, we can still see how abusive Joker is physically and mentally, for her failing at protecting this dimension's Joker from dying at the hand of Superman. He doesn’t want to hurt her but she makes him so mad sometimes. Selba shows here that he really knows the abusive relationship Harley and Joker are in and it’s perfectly represented here. The current Harley knows now how much of an idiot she was for allowing herself to continue enduring the abuse.

Croc snaps Harley out of the flashback with a punch in the face and they fight a bit. Harley takes out Croc in the end without a green pill, mind you. She says she did it with adrenalyn like a mother lifting a car to save her baby but I call bullshit on this. Croc is much more overpowering than she is. I guess his mocking her about Joker kicked something into her but it doesn’t make sense.

We cut to Bane beating Harley goons and squeezes Larry’s head to the point his mask breaks. Harley realizes she can’t take down Bane alone (now that makes sense) and needs some superfriends. She finds the cell keys to the sewer prisoners and releases Mister Freeze and Katana, among other randos. Harley jumps on Bane and takes out Bane’s venom tubes and they all take down Bane.

The chapter ends with Katana being concerned about Harley’s relationship with the Joker and the use of his likeness in her goons’ masks. Harley assures Katana that she’s over the Joker but we all know she isn’t. What the strength is in this chapter is delving more into Harley and Joker’s relationship.

Bits and Pieces:

This chapter is mostly action which really bothered me. I would have liked more story to keep the series going but it’s taken an abrupt halt to have this random Croc and Bane fight. The art is still really good, Harley being the shining part of it. It’s clear, so far, that this series is only to be a Harley and Joker outlet that they just slapped the Injustice name onto it. I yet to see the point of the Injustice name yet but we shall see as we continue the story.



  1. good review
    takes out Banes venom pump, how creative. It seems that Bane always get defeated this way.

    I think that they defeated Bane and Croc is complete bullshit and ludicrously.

    1. always happens that way!

    2. It really is bullshit! Always happens that way. It's a very tedious chapter.