Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weird Science Tweets of the Week 11/20/16 presents:
Official Unofficial World Infamous Weird Science DC Comics Tweets of the Week

By: Branden Murray
Back from a one week hiatus the Official Unofficial World Infamous Weird Science DC Comics Tweets of the Week.  Things have been wild and crazy around the Twitter world lately and new means of communication had to be sought to you know actually communicate. Shout out to the entire Get Fresh Crew, which has grown too large to shout out individually at this point, for making each work day pass a little faster with a chat filled of nonsense to love.  Don’t forget to take a break from chats every now and then holla at your boys all week long at the addresses below and read on to see if you’ve become Weird Science famous.  

  • When the Get Fresh Crew is too lit on Twitter and literally nobody can talk.

  • He must be listening to Montell Jordan “This is how we do it”

  • Deep down I think this is what we all want.

  • Is it wrong to say this Wonder Woman is still hot? Sorry, not sorry.

  • Old school pull listing … you’re not alone Trevitt

  • The fans want what they want … give in DC, you know you want too!!!

  • New York’s Finest … I can hear Eric dancing now.

  • Comments like this help me understand how we haven’t scared @MissFreni away yet.

  • This wins page of the year for me without a doubt. When Impale is used as a sound effect you’ve stolen the key to my heart.

  • Please sir step away from the podcast, it is having a negative effect on your mental health.

  • Not DC talk but I’ll allow it … also who isn’t?!

  • Ending on a high note.

That’s it for this week GFC, tweet at your boys and you may be eligible to win a t-shirt you’ll never receive.

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