Wednesday, December 21, 2016

He-Man/ThunderCats #3 Review

Skelet-Ra the Great

Written by: Rob David and Lloyd Goldfine
Art Team: Freddie E Williams II, Jeremy Colwell
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 21, 2016

The crossover, straight from our childhood dreams come true, continues with issue three this month, meaning we should get ourselves a healthy dose of the Thundercats (or Thunder Cats) finally. If you remember we ended up with Skeletor appearing to have a hand up on everyone. So with He-Man out of the way, the Sword of Power in his possession, and Mumm-Ra straight down the ol’ gullet, we better see the damn Thundercats, they’re our only hope at this point damnit.  I mean who else can we count on Orko and Snarf?  Let’s get busy here.

Good news: We get the Thundercats right out of the gate here as soon as we open the cover.  Bad News: Skeletor, infused with the power of Mumm-Ra the Great and the Sword of Power, is whopping all their asses pretty easily. The Sword of Power one, the Sword of Omens zero, after one round completed.

The team does it’s best to regroup after the initial shellacking, with Lion-O taking the reins, and going after Skeletor full force.  Without much thought or effort Skeletor sends him flying back where he came from, doing the same to the rest of the Thundercat teammates, who come storming in after him as well. 

As the battle between the forces of good and evil rages on the story actually becomes pretty brutal for everyone involved. This includes our main hero, Lion-O, who takes a nasty scrape over his eye and down his face as well as Panthra running flat over Skeletor with the Thundertank.  When even being run over by the Thundertank doesn’t stop Skeletor shit appears dire. It looks like the first time we see the Thundercats in this series might also be the last before a case of indigestion becomes Skeletor's undoing.

Deep from Skeletor’s bowls, after claims himself the “Ever Living”, we begin to hear rumblings of Mumm-Ra fighting back.  This provides Lion-O the opening he was waiting for. After a quick chop to the Skeletor's Sword of Power hand, then by quickly showing Skeletor his reflection in the Sword of Omens, he chases the old bag of bones off, giving the team the time needed to regroup.

We are not done yet folks not by a long shot. Up next might be the highlight of my comic reading month. Skeletor retreats for safety to an undisclosed location, battling with Mumm-Ra, within himself, the entire time.  We get some classic Three Stooges comedy in this section that includes Skeletor literally punching and chocking himself, like a person Jim encounters at the local Wal-Mart, that needs to be read and seen to be believed.  Despite the initial misunderstanding that would occur between two alpha villains, inhabiting the same body, they ultimately come to an understanding which looks to be bad news for our heroes futures.

Our issue wraps up in epic fashion once again as it appears the people of Eternia are holding a funeral ceremony for poor Adam, who fell victim to wounds last issue after losing the Sword of Power.  The precession doesn’t last long before our giant cliffhanger … and I do mean giant … spoils the events for the kingdom but we’ll have to tune in next month to see those results.

I know I’m a fanboy when it comes to these two properties and I lean towards liking it more than not as a result but I’m fully invested in this story at this point in because its flat out awesome.  I love the flow and tone so far with Rob David and Lloyd Goldfine doing a great job of providing an action packed title, which keeps the story moving, while giving us a touch of humor to boot.

The art done by Freddie E Williams II and Jeremy Colwell continues to impresses as well.  If they become the go to team for these off the wall crossovers for DC I would be totally fine with that but I would also like to see them get some higher profile gigs in the future because I enjoy the art/color work that much.  

Bits and Pieces:

Overall the He-Man/Thunder Cats crossover continues to impress me all the way from the cover to last cliffhanger page each and every issue so far.  It may be one of those rare crossovers that you don’t necessarily have to be a fan of the properties,  He-Man and Thundercats, to enjoy because its just a damn good comic book at this point.   



  1. Another exciting Review for this great crossover! Well done!

  2. Thanks man ... this is one of my favorite books to read each month right now!