Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Amanda Waller #5 Review and **SPOILERS**

It’s Real in the Field

Cover Art: Mike Huddleston
Cover Colors: Rico Renzi
Cover Price: $4.99
On Sale Date: December 21, 2016


Hey, here’s something I haven’t reviewed before! Or even read! But I figured since I am the Suicide Squad guy, I should pick this up and see if it’s pertinent. It’s essentially two comic books bound together, so I’ve reviewed them separately but combined scores at the bottom for handy reference. So let’s stop pussyfootin’ around, and get to the review!

Explain It!

El Diablo
Writer: Jai Nitz
Art: Cliff Richards
Colors: Hi-Fi
Letters: Josh Reed

Seems like El Diablo, a lady superhero in Sugar Skull face paint named Azucar, and an awesome Mexican God of Death and Dogs named Xolotl—who is actually a White Martian!—have put aside their differences to stand against a shared enemy: the Suicide Squad! But none of them are readily familiar to most, though it might be notable that one of them is a Thanagarian. What follows is a Battle Royale that, I must say, is pretty great. They’re all using powers and sharing abilities and Xolotl is morphing like a bad-ass, when the Justice League of Mexico, known as ¡Justicia! shows up to take Xolotl into custody, and their arrival fairly well puts a détente on the fighting. Xolotl dies anyway due to injuries sustained during the mix-up, and when the dust settles El Diablo storms off to tackle the Big Bad guy of this miniseries, Dalesko—all by his lonesome! But once he’s separated from the other heroes/villains, Deadshot shows up and pops two bullets into El Diablo’s heart!
If you like looking at power characters fighting, then you should check this out. The action was great and everyone uses their abilities in interesting (and sometimes self-defeating) ways that made me really interested to know more about them. Indeed, all of these Mexican heroes and the Mexican Justice League I found very intriguing. I’m sort of doing this series a disservice by showing up late to the party, but in and of itself I thought this was a quality comic book with a pretty good story and engaging dialogue. So what I’m saying is yes, I’m ready for the ¡Justicia! ongoing series now.


Amanda Waller
Words By: Vita Ayala
Art By: Mart Mernoff
Colors By: Beth Sotelo
Letters By: A Larger World

Seems the Suicide Squad—the current line-up—have been sent to a mountain range in Eastern Europe to extract one Phillip Weiss. His mentor, Walter, has been slipped some kind of hypnotizing drug that has rendered him catatonic, but of course Amanda Waller can break through it with some smooth talking and several shots of pure adrenaline. She doesn’t get a whole lot of information out of him, though, before he bites her thumb and has to be hauled away. Meanwhile, the Suicide Squad has extracted Phillip, but they all show up DECEASED on Waller’s tracking monitor. And what’s wrong with Waller? Why, now she’s contracted the same results from the coma-inducing medicine Walter took!
One of the problems in this story is that Walter and Phillip look too identical. Beyond that, it’s just sort of clunky. There are some good jokes, like Waller’s recounting of the extraction from planning to actual stage, which highlighted the Suicide Squad’s buffoonery. The art is meticulous and worth seeing, and depending on how this wraps up it could be a perfectly nice Suicide Squad story. By itself, this issue was a little dull.


Bits and Pieces:

Two full comics for four bucks, one better than the other but neither truly bad. Not a bad deal. We see some great new characters in El Diablo's story, and Amanda Waller's story...well that's nice, too. I'd say you could do a lot worse than to get this comic.


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