Tuesday, December 20, 2016

PREVIEW: Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Amanda Waller #5

Too Many Murderous Cooks

Writer: Jai Nitz, Vita Ayala
Art: Cliff Richards, Mart Mernoff
Colors: Hi-Fi, Beth Sotelo
Letters: Josh Reed, A Larger World
Cover Art: Mike Huddleston
Cover Colors: Rico Renzi
Cover Price: $4.99
On Sale Date: December 21, 2016

El Diablo, Azucar and Xolotl fight a Suicide Squad reloaded! It’s a bad-guy battle that only gets more complicated when the heroes arrive! El Diablo and his friends barely escape only to be trapped by Deadshot! And, in a tale starring Amanda Waller, the Wall is back in her role as deprogrammer and tasked with cracking a catatonic agent who has vital intel on the Squad’s current mission. The clock is ticking when Amanda finds herself exposed to a toxin that may take her, and the whole team, down the rabbit hole.

Hmm...sounds appropriately crazy enough for me! See below for some preview pages.

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