Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weird Science Tweets of the Week 12/18/16 presents:

Official Unofficial World In-famous Weird Science DC Comics Tweets of the Week

By: Branden Murray

Well this is a big day readers and fellow Get Fresh Crew memebers because I have finally figured it out, after doing thirteen of these damn articles! Whats different you ask well I know how to properly construct a tweets of the week blog posting.  I will happily accept your congratulations in the comment section below.  I cant contain my excitement anymore so lets get to the Tweety embedded goodness below.

  • Never change Dancing Mike ... I dont care what Repairman Jack says about ya!

  • Do it! Do it! 

  • They love us, they really love us!

  • He has commitment issues! 

  • Almost done ... and Yes it is amazing!

  • Maybe you'll wake up in the shower!

  • Damn Trevitt, was there any room in the Uber for the driver?!

  • The cereal is filling the backseat!

  • Andrew is good at tweets ... and Star Wars. 

  • This is the tweet that helped me figure out embedding ... its kind of a big deal. 
That's is this week Get Fresh Crew, we need some more funny action, get Jim's attention and get those retweets flowing!

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