Saturday, January 28, 2017

Aliens: Defiance #9 Review

Precious Cargo

Written by: Brian Wood
Art: Tony Brescini, Dan Jackson
Lettering: Nate Piekos of Blambot
Cover: Stephanie Hans
Cover Price: $3.99
In Stores: January 25, 2017
Review by: Ryan Douglas

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I haven't been reading Aliens: Defiance since the start and this was just a hop in a see what happens type deal. I've always been a fan of the Aliens franchise and more material on different media’s I'll take it. Let's see if anyone could jump into the middle of the series and get something out of reading this particular issue. 

The issue opens with Davis, who is an android, floating outside the ship and sealing up a panel window which looks into the cargo hold. We learn the cargo they're carrying is a Xenomorph they are transporting back to Earth. Back at the front of the ship, Zula calls to Davis to tell him a ship with possible humanoid heat signatures is approaching. Zula plays it's smart and asks Davis to make his way to the weapon armory. It seems Europa, the ship has been through a lot as she narrates the story, that Europa's systems are quite compromised and it's kind of shocking anything works at this point. Giving you a since the crew has had a long haul.

This issue quickly starts to ramp up as the Europa ship gets breached by the space pirates with breathing apparatuses, stocked with enough oxygen to search the entire ship. Zula is waiting with a limited amount of ammo and is able to take down two of the men who separated from the group. Around this point, we get more narrative from Zula and we actually learn more about her character. Being on this mission she's had access to a plethora of painkillers and is going through withdraw. All Zula can think about is getting back to Earth and getting her next fix.

Davis has gotten to the armory and is able to stock up on a few rifles and starts to take action on the intruders. Once Zula makes her way back to the front of the ship. Hollis knows they're outnumbered and comes up with the idea to release the Xenomorph cargo. She figures releasing the Xenomorph would kill the pirates, in the end, the Xenomorph would be tremendously wounded in the process. Davis is in pretty bad shape at this point and is fleeing from the pirates. Zula informs Davis of the plan and tells him to hide out for a while. The set up in the issue was well worth the payoff of seeing the Xenomorph rip apart the pirates. But with the team's luck, the Xenomorph doesn't have a scratch on it. Hollis points out the growth of the alien. Not reading the serious before, leads me to believe the Xenomorph has grown in size throughout this arc while being held in storage. This now leaves the team in Europa with thrusters on full power back to Earth. Zula seems pretty optimistic on their odd's making it back before the Xenomorph gets hungry again.

This was a very enjoyable issue. I felt there was enough provided in here to give you a sense of how far they've come on this mission. We're even given a new threat to the team, leaving them with a tough decision on releasing the Xenomorph on the ship. Zula's character carried the book the most, as we get most of the focus on her state of mind in all this. The artwork serviced the book nicely. The issue ramped up as the story went along and never was there a dull moment. This is a book I plan on buying the trade for once it's released. If you've followed the book hopefully it's been a solid serious for you. But if you are a new reader, you can jump into this issue and not feel left out. You'll probably even want to go back and read the previous issue's before Issue #10 comes out.

Bits and Pieces:

It’s an issue you can jump into not knowing anything about the arc and get enough info provided to catch you up. The issue provides a new threat to the ongoing plot, seeing how the team takes a huge risk, in the end, is quite rewarding. It’ll leave wanting to see the outcome of their decisions made. Regardless if you are an old fan or new for the franchise, this will be an enjoyable read for you. Never was there a dull moment in the book while the story unfolds further. You’re provided with great character moments, action, art and story pacing throughout. What more could you ask for from a comic with Aliens involved?


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