Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Batgirl #7 Review and **SPOILERS**

Hipsters Ruin Everything

Script: Hope Larson 
Pencils, Inks & Cover: Chris Wildgoose 
Colors: Mat Lopes 
Letters: Deron Bennett 
Cover Price: $2.99 
On Sale Date: January 25, 2017


She’s back in Burnside! Okay I am really pressed for time right now, so that’s all you’re getting Read on for my review of Batgirl #7!

Explain It!

After that debacle of an opening story arc, Barbara Gordon is back in Burnside, so hopefully things get on track from here. It looks promising when we see two hipster criminals breaking into Mongrels Nonconformist Pet Supply, in order to leave some of the dog doo that neighborhood yuppies have failed to clean. Just then, Batgirl shows up! And…she notes that her favorite coffee shop has been replaced by this pet store. After letting the criminals go, she zips off, wondering where she’ll get coffee from now on. The next day, she’s at the more upscale Modern Danish, where Frankie is buying Barbara a “welcome back from Asia” cup of fancy joe. Frankie tells Babs that the landlord is going to double their rent, and that she’s going to move out with her girlfriend Malaya—so you’re basically screwed, Barbara. She’s very happy for Frankie, but later walks down a flight of steps which is basically like telling someone in a wheelchair to get bent. Before they part, however, Frankie tells Barabra about a charity event being co-sponsored by Gordon Clean Energy that evening, one which she should attend.
Oh yeah! Barbara Gordon is a flipping MILLIONAIRE! She owns this clean energy company and has enough money to buy an apartment building. Why the hell are they fretting about money? Later, Barbara heads over to Burnside College to enroll in some Library Science classes, which I guess is supposed to be a big deal. Whoopee, Barbara’s going back to her Librarian roots. It never really bothered me that she was a computer science major, in fact it made sense. But this nerdly pursuit makes plenty of sense as well. She’ll have to volunteer at a library, which is all well and good, and I’m sure will result in some story fodder down the line. That night, Barbara attends the charity event at Club Angelfish, a plush indoor pool with a big fishbowl at the center…though I guess it’s more of a humanbowl since people are swimming in it. See? Gordon Clean Energy has plenty of money, for crying out loud! You need a place to live, sleep in the humanbowl!
At the event, Barbara meets Frankie’s girlfriend, then mingles with a bunch of terrible hipsters who seem dismissive of the proliferation of homeless people in Burnside. She bumps into Ethan Cobblepot, who knows exactly who she is and asks her out on a date that Saturday. Cobblepots move fast! That Saturday, Barbara sees a couple of elite hipsters use an app to have a homeless person removed from the neighborhood, so Barbara suits up and stakes out the area for a few hours until a van that reads “Safe Streets” pulls up and collects the bum. Forcefully. Batgirl trails them to the warehouse district, where she finds that people are being taken to Fright, that lady Scarecrow-type villain! Batgirl busts out of the back of the truck, takes out the two toadies, and it looks like there’s going to be an awesome face-off…but with the help of the homeless guy she restrains Fright and is wrapped up just in time to make her date with Ethan. Boo.
Well, that pretty much sucked. Every time it looked like something was going to happen, it didn’t. And yes, there’s a page of fighting between Fright and Batgirl, but Fright didn’t use any of her powers or do anything that made the scene different than the endless kung-fu nonsense we got in the last six issues. What a disappointment. The artwork is uneven but basically okay, and I think the penciller may ease into a uniform look as he gets more comfortable with the characters. But if the story doesn’t get more interesting, and fast, I can’t imagine that anyone will give a crap.

Bits and Pieces:

There are a couple of times in this issue that it looks like something is about to happen, but then we're let down. Barbara is back at Burnside but she's still wandering around like a lost puppy. Penguin's son being in the mix is an intriguing proposition, but if the forthcoming issues are of this caliber, I doubt I'll care.



  1. This is the first and probably the last time that i visit this website. I have noticed (from comicbookroundup) that this website gives the worst scores in series that are highly acclaimed from other reviewers and users (on the other hand you give high scores in mediocre titles like "Sixpack"). So i read some of your reviews and they are poorly written with expressions like ("boo", "this sucks") and without any valid criticism. So i guess your reviews are more for a shock value as a result of an edgy attitude (i like what you hate, i hate what you like).

    1. These guys are the real deal, know their stuff and actually love comics. Just because you don't agree with the scores shouldn't be the reason you never come back to the site. It's their opinion and it's not for shock value. Feel free to even read my reviews and tell me if they're for shock value. It's just that most of the comics suck and we don't pull punches. I'm glad you're enjoying the ones we hate but everyone's opinion is valid. P.S. "boo" and "this sucks" are valid critiques in a review. Thanks for visiting!

    2. I apologize that you don't like the reviews to our site. We don't try to shock people for views(trust me, we've been accused of that before and have suffered for it), we give our honest opinions, but were not high end reviewers. We try to pride ourselves on being 'just a bunch of dummies who love comics.' We've been like this since we first got set up, and will be it when we enter a civil war to destroy the site(Extreme but that feels like the way it'll go down).

      Thank you for coming though, and we hope you enjoy the comic.

    3. I like the words "Boo" "It Sucks"

    4. clearly you don't understand that these guys review for the people, for the readers. They express their thoughts honestly, and in a way that communicates to us on a personal level. They use words like "boo" and "this sucks" because we all use words like that. They don't have anyone in their back pocket, and they are not afraid to put a piece of shit book in its place. I think the words your looking for when describing these guys and their reviews is "sincere" "honest" "non-bias".

      Quit throwing shade, and go find a website that liked the play it safe if that's your kind of thing.

    5. Thinking about what you said, what do we gain fRom being "shocking"??? More clicks to add to the pile? We do this site because we like doing it and most of what we have accomplished is because we look at each book with a critical eye. If we like something, we give it a good score, if we don't, we don't. There is no agenda, we don't have any discussions about scores.

      Logically, we would be better off making a plan to give overly positive scores...make dc and the creators like us by kissing their asses all the time.

      I do think other sites have made people think that anything under an 8/10 is a negative score and that we should be throwing 10/10s around like it's nobody's business. If you are looking for cheerleaders, I have a couple links I can send you, if you are looking for honest reviews that don't talk down to anyone and try to have fun with it all, stick around.

      Again,we don't benefit any more if a review on our site gets 2 views or 2 million. There is no evil plan in place and we really want to love every book, but aren't going to pretend we do.

      Also, at least we have the balls to attach our names to every review we do, unlike you!

    6. Yeah fuck that guy

      or girl....

      I mean really, who throws that much shade as anonymous? I thought the heavy shade throwers were proud of all that shade they have to just throw around. shade don't grow on trees you know. Shade is expensive.

  2. I'm so glad that this issue sucks balls.

  3. I was going to give Batgirl this arc before I decided whether or not to drop it. Fuck that! I'm dropping it now. Everyone in this book is annoying and completely fucktarded, especially Barbara. This isn't worth $2.99, so $3.99 is definitely out of the question. I'm changing my pull list next Wednesday. So terrible I refuse to give a score.

    1. anonymous doesn't like words like "Fucktarded" please use it more!!

  4. I think Reggie just put Anonymous in a bodybag

  5. I thought this issue was the better of the series, but that's not necessarily a good thing. I like penguin's son, Nathan. He seems interesting, but that's about it lol

    Anonymous: people are entitled to their opinion. I don't always agree with these guys, but they seem sincere about their comics. They just want a good book, as do we all. I don't judge anyone for enjoying books that I don't. There is a comic for everyone, and obviously Batgirl isn't for most people. These guys review all the DC books. The good and the ugly. I come here to this site for honest reviews from comic fans. That is why I don't go anywhere else.