Saturday, January 28, 2017

Slayer: Repentless #1 Review

American History Slayer

Writer: Jon Schnepp
Artist: Guiu Vilanova 
Cover Artist: Glenn Fabry
Variant Cover: Eric Powell
Cover Price: $4.99
In Stores: January 25, 2017
Review by: Ryan Douglas

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When I heard Slayer(band) was releasing a comic, I was curious to what kind of story the creative team would tell. Slayer being a metal band, I figured things would get dark. This title was on my radar for it having to do with Slayer. I’m not going to fake the funk and say I’m a lifelong Slayer fan. Playing in bands and loving comics, I feel obligated to give these sort of titles a read. 

The story focuses on two brothers, Adrian and Dylan who were raised by their uncle after their parents were murdered. We’re shown they had a dark upbringing and ended up going to prison. There they joined the Aryan brotherhood while in prison. During their time locked up, they got into several fights and riots. Which leads to Dylan losing an eye. This is what makes Dylan rethink his life moving forward, he wants to forget about this life he’s lived and start over. 

From the beginning, we’re given a dialogue exchange between the two brothers set in the present, setting up their current relationship. Adrian never seemed to leave his gang ties behind and is now a top leader in the organization. Needless to say, he is upset that his brother left the gang and has started a clean life. It also infuriates him that Dylan has settled into a relationship outside their race. This causes Adrian to make Dylan’s life a living nightmare, quickly turning this plot into a revenge story. 

After being kidnapped, things take a sadly turn for our protagonist. This incident is what sends Dylan into a rage and is now on the hunt to find his brother with a fellow inmate, Puto. Puto mentions he has friends who owe him a favor. This leads them to make their way a bar where it’s revealed his friends are none other than Slayer.  While this is occurring, Adrian has gotten word of the botched murder attempt on his brother and calls up a strong arm meth dealer to bring in some more manpower. 

There outside the bar, the issue ends with Adrian's men sitting outside the bar, watching on as the two meets with Slayer. 

Overall, this was all a set up to build the foundation of the plot. There is some fan service provided with lyrics from the band’s music used as dialogue throughout. The art doesn’t take away the book at all and is fitting for the story being told. Being a three issue mini-series, I can only imagine things will have to ramp up for these final two issues. Jon Schnepp does a good job of setting up the relationship between these two brothers. I’m a huge fan of darker stories to a point. I have no doubt Dylan will get his revenge and take down the organization. But the timing of the particular content in this comic makes it a bit difficult to read through personally. Plus at a $4.99 price point, that also makes it harder for me to suggest this to anyone who isn’t already planning on getting this comic. 

Bits and Pieces:

We’re given a setup issue introducing our two main characters and building the foundation of the plot. Things turn harsh very quickly and the plot turns into a revenge story. The content in the series may not sit well with some readers. But if you are a die hard Slayer fan, you might want to pick up this mini-series to put with your Slayer vinyl collection. Nonetheless, go pick up this comic and judge for yourself.


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