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Venom #150 Review - Marvel Monday

Venom #150

Writer: Mike Costa, Robbie Thompson
Art Team: Tradd Moore, Gerardo Sandoval, Dono Sanchez-Almara
Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 24, 2017
Cover Price: $5.99

Venom Variety Showcase

Eddie Brock is back in the symbiote suit and all is right in the world again.  Last issue was all about Eddie’s quest to get his old friend back, which happened towards the end of the issue, so this #150 extravaganza will showcase the renewed relationship, while filling us in on a few gaps in continuity. Let’s find out what happens and more inside.

The extra sized issue begins by showcasing some past history between the symbiote and Eddie in a nice splash page serving as a way to catch up people jumping back on the Venom bandwagon.  From there we see Eddie spring up from bed in a panic being summoned by the symbiote to go out, essentially resuming what the two used to do together, which is anti-hero the shit out of situations.    

Venom, looking just like 'their old self', stumbles upon a B & E in progress quickly dropping in to monitor the situation. Things turn very violent, very quickly, and when Venom realizes what the criminals were after, (seemingly a tomato?) he retreats from the scene in panic, as the police arrive.

Atop a NYC rooftop Eddie and Venom debate about the means of their actions, with Eddie having issue with how the men were “butchered”, and the symbiote seemingly fine regressing into old habits again.  Eddie seeks refuge in the church he originally took possession of the symbiote, scaring some criminals out of the area in the process, which results in the Priest responsible offering Eddie some advice regarding his situation ... advice Eddie's partner in crime doesnt take much a liking to.

As Eddie and the symbiote debate about how to coexist they are attacked from behind by the Scorpion, on behalf of Alchemax and some unfinished business, resulting in a battle where Scorpion quickly gains the upper hand due to previous experiences with Venom.  Although supremely damaged in battle, from sonic blasts, Venom and Eddie are able to dispatch of the Scorpion retreating to the church in the process to hide and recover. When Eddie awakes, he finds devastation has struck the church, as the symbiote seems out of control, possibly having killed the Priest Eddie previously talked with, as the first part of the giant issue concludes.  

As far as this first story goes, I like Eddie being back in control of the suit, but it feels like the Venom 'symbiote', as a character, has regressed to get back to this point.  There are some moments in the books art that are good but it looks too computer generated for my tastes, almost video game like with little background detail in some instances taking any semblance of location out of the book entirely. I liked the previous arcs art more and hope it returns in more than just a backup type format.

The second story of the issue fills in some gaps, between the Venom: Space Knight Series and the Venom #1 Marvel Now latest relaunch, when Flash lost and Lee took possession of the symbiote. To sum this story up quickly the answers are sketchy to be sure. It feels like what happened was Venom was blasted with some sort of 'special sonic', that has made the symbiote act very erratically lately. This possibly forced it to run from Flash Thompson, seeking a new host, and sending it towards this downward spiral it’s found itself in. Although that is me assuming a lot I didn’t really get the story itself telling me. 

There is also a third backup flashback story some people will enjoy for its classic style alone but doesn’t add much to the narrative other than showcase how the old Venom used to act.

Bits and Pieces

An oversized Venom #150 Issue Spectacular for $5.99 is filled with a throwback feel to how the character used to operate which seems to be the way this series is progressing. This may be a development to upset long time followers of Venom the last few years after some interesting forward progress for the symbiote itself as a character. The art from the middle story featuring Sandoval remains my favorite way Venom has been rendered plus you gotta love that classic cover style!


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