Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kill or be Killed #9 Review

Written: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Elizabeth Breitweiser, Sean Phillips
Release Date: 5/31/17
Review by: Ryan Douglas


Every month I get giddy when this title appears in my inbox and can’t wait to dive in. If you’ve listened to my crazy theories on the podcast, you know how much I pick apart Dylan’s action and his surroundings. Just trying to make sense of the elements Ed Brubaker provides in his story.  I’m ready to get into this…. 

Where we left off, Dylan’s finally about score his medication. But has no idea what’s waiting for him. Just like we got a Kira focused issue, Ed Brubaker takes this issue to focus on the Russian mob arc and gives us the story of what lead up to Dylan’s predicament. After catching the reader up, we focus on seeing the events transpiring in the present. That includes the shit storm Dylan has gotten himself into and how quickly it’s downward spiraling out of control.  When Dylan’s carelessness forces him to slip up and make another amateur mistake, he’s bound to keeping slipping up and found out soon. But just maybe after this issue, Dylan will smarten up and think out his decisions. Unfortunately, he’s probably dug himself into an outcome there’s no returning from.

A strong issue focusing on the Russian mob arc leading us into the end of this storyline. While it feels the issue doesn’t move along the main plot. The last scene reminds you Dylan still hasn’t lost focus of his deal with the “demon”. Knowing Brubaker has plans to have this title be his longest running series, I always enjoy the nuggets we get each issue. Having these several plots, Brubaker has a lot to play around with and makes it an easy way to stretch out a bit. This issue shows that although Dylan is still an amateur. But he’s become committed to feeding the beast and in his own way learning to become a better vigilante. Even if he’ll lose some friends and the people he loves. What’s more to be said about the art than usual? It continues the streak of solid art since the start. Still some of my favorite work from the duo of Elizabeth Breitweiser and Sean Phillips. For a penultimate issue to the arc, I came out looking forward to seeing how Ed Brubaker wraps this up.


This title still continues to be a great read even if it’s a slow burn. But a slow burn with a purpose. Since following his writing I trust that Brubaker has a vision and plans to nail stick the landing.



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  2. I'm kind of over the whole, let's cut back to see how we ended up here stuff. It isn't so much the flashback as the character constantly saying how it gets worse and he screws up and you won't remember this. Show us that that, don't just have the character reiterate the same shit over and over again.

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