Monday, May 29, 2017

X-Men Blue #4 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artists: Julian Lopez, Jose Marzan Jr., Walden Wong, Irma Knivila
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Artists: Arthur Adams, Peter Steigerwald
Release Date: May 24, 2017
Review by: Ryan Douglas


The X-titles are coming out faster than I can keep up track of. X-Men Blue and Jean Grey are the two series in the RessurXion line that have grabbed my attention the most to add to my pull. 
Where the last issue left off I wasn't left eager to see how they handle possibility of introducing a forced new team member. Since RessurXion the timeline has made no sense. I have to settle with reading these stories as their own little nugget of time. But it just makes sense to sorta try and keep things proper since the rebirth. Well....issue four is here, so let's catch up with our displaced teens. 

Our young team is on their way to Colorado to track the mutant killing people in the snowy woods. A short while after the team lands they encounter Jimmy Hudson, who isn’t too trusting of others and attacks the team. Once the deputy sheriff puts Jimmy down with some rounds, the team stands around and it’s pointed out Angel remembers Jimmy from a different time. The sheriff takes the team and Jimmy to a local bar where Jean attempts to learn about why Jimmy is so scared and worried of being kidnapped again. While in the bar they are paid a visit by a new team from a different universe looking to collect their payload.

The issue is mostly set-up for the new arc. I’m starting to realize maybe Cullen Bunn is playing it somewhat safe and making this an easy read for new readers. I’m not very familiar with Jimmy Hudson, so that may be why I’m not very interested in this arc. A lot of time was spent showing how distressed Jimmy was to stretch out to the issue cliffhanger.

My biggest problem was the inconsistency in the art and that it comes off rushed. Cyclops is sometimes drawn as a middle-aged man than a few pages later back to his teen self. I think Morph may actually be on the team. I want to continue enjoying this series. This was my least favorite issue so far. Crossing my fingers this series can get off the bi-weekly schedule soon and tell us more great stories with the art is deserves. Not a bad issue, just not enough here to here to grab me. I’m still sticking around to see where the series goes.


We're given an drawn out issue with plenty of padding. The bi-weekly schedule continues to show in the art and minimalist story telling. While this is my least favorite issue of the series, I hope the book doesn't lose its way and we can continue the fun we were given at the beginning of the series. 


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