Thursday, June 1, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Wonder Woman #35 Review (New 52)

Not What It Seems

Written by: Brian Azzarello
Art by: Cliff Chiang
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 29, 2014

This past week, Greg Rucka started his final lap on Wonder Woman by kind of erasing most of what happened in the New 52 Wonder Woman book.  As a huge fan of the Brian Azzarello/Cliff Chiang's run, I was a little bit upset.  Actually, if you listen to our podcast, you will know I was very upset.  So, for my Throwback Thursday entry, I'll take you back to the end of Azzarello's time on the book, Wonder Woman #35.  Spoiler Alert...I loved it! -Jim

This is it, the final issue of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's epic run on Wonder Woman.  I believe that this long form story will go down as one of the better Wonder Woman stories ever and also one of the things that people will point to when looking back at the best of the New 52.  I usually try to recap things a bit in this opening segment, but so much has gone on that that would just be a practice in futility.  If you haven't read any issues of this run and are checking in to see if the finale is good, it isn''s great. Do yourself a huge favor and go pick up every issue leading up to this one and start reading and thank me later.  Now that everyone is up to speed, let's get on with the review.

This issue starts where the last ended, Mount Olympus.  It doesn't look like it, so you'll have to trust me on this one.  That seems to be a running theme, because as Wonder Woman, Hermes and Baby Zeke look on, Zola is not herself.  I mean that in the eyes glowing orange, claw hand type of way.  As she fights for her baby, the First Born and Bondage Minotaur join the party.

As the First Born takes care of Hermes and then Captures Zola and Zeke, Wonder Woman goes toe-to-toe with Bondage Minotaur. BM finally gets the best of Wonder Woman and it really looks like this final issue is going to end in a way I never would have imagined.  Then Azzarello gives us the first Hero of the finale...Bondage Minotaur.  Others can have their Batcows and their Chain Gun Dwarfs, I'm a Bondage Minotaur fan through and through and now everyone can see why.  He is awesome and just says no to the madness.  Like any good wrap up, this scene was issues in the making and ends with our hero walking...not wait, he dies.  But it is such an honorable death that I had a big smile on my face.  Plus, when his mask came off, he wasn't a bloated old white guy with a breathing problem.

His death inspires Wonder Woman to just be herself and fans of the book know that is usually enough.  As she fights the First Born, Zola does what we have been waiting so long to see.  She puts Zeke on the Throne of Olympus.  It's as epic as I'd hoped and while it's not surprising, it still gave me goosebumps.  I've heard that history never repeats, but don't tell that to the First Born. As all this is happening, Wonder Woman throws him into the Abyss for another seven thousand years.  Good riddance.

As the smoke clears, Azzarello gives fans one of the best endings to a run I've ever read.  It is so well thought out, heartbreaking and uplifting that it's hard to imagine it all happens in one scene.  I loved it.  Everything is revealed and a huge wish is granted. Bravo.

I'd say that Cliff Chiang saved his best for last, but the guy gives his best in every issue.  Everything looked great and matched scope of the story perfectly. I'm going to miss his work on this book.

Bits and Pieces:

Wonder Woman #35 was a great ending to a great story.  Azzerello and Chiang end their run in style with a story that is epic and heartfelt and just made me glad I was part of it from the beginning.  Thanks to both of them for such a great run.



  1. This will always be my favorite run in Wonder Woman. World building, multiple character building, and finally a version of Diana that any reader can take seriously.

  2. To bad Fucka threw it all away. 😡

    1. Fuka is not to be blamed she is a character of Tokyo Ghoul and a supervixen in Naruto. Rucka is the criminal who shot Wonder Woman dead at point blank. Frucka sounds better. (~_^)

  3. Unforgettable run one of the best of Wonder Woman with respect to writing and art. Only titles of WW and Aquaman deserve praise from the dark age of new52. At least two good things happened back then and Rucka fudged one of them hard. Glad he's gone may never come back.