Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Batman #24 Review

I Am...Unsatisfied

Written by: Tom King
Art by: David Finch, Danny Miki, Clay Mann, Seth Mann, Jordie Bellaire and Deron Bennett
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 7, 2017

Okay, now that the Button is over and we had our little fun with Swamp Thing, it's time for Tom King to get back to work and give us some answers, right?  I mean, we have been waiting patiently to find out what happened to Batman, Bane, the Robins, Gotham Girl, Catwoman...the list goes on and on.  I have to admit, I am a little worried that one issue just isn't enough for all of this, especially when King has said this is also a prelude to the War of Jokes and Riddles and a wrap up to the Button story as well.  So, did he come through for us or will will have to just keep being patient and wait even longer for answers?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with a little Tom(King)foolery where we see Selina Kyle getting into her Catwoman outfit as we get a conversation that took place earlier between Gotham Girl and Batman.  Claire is asking Batman why he doesn't fly while also asking him what she should do with her life now that she is cured from Psycho Pirate's fear.

Okay, so Gotham Girl is cured and I don't mind the conversation between them, but when Gotham Girl reminds us that using her powers will eventually kill her, I wondered why Batman and Tom King are letting her fly.  I don't care what anyone says, SHE SHOULD NOT BE FLYING!  Especially since it seems the only reason she is doing it is to make a cool looking scene for her and Batman to star in.

Their conversation continues with Claire continuing to ask Batman what she should do and while Batman doesn't want to answer that, it wraps around to be about why Batman does what he does.  The answer...he's "Batman because he is Batman."  Deep!

It gets a bit deeper than that as Batman let's down his guard more than we are used to seeing and opens up to Claire.  He wants to be happy, but being Batman doesn't allow it because he's scared.  Scared of everything he's seen.  It's a big moment and when he seems to allude to the Joker, it feels even bigger.  Bigger, but is it better?

The scene ends with Gotham Girl thanking Batman for saving her and reminding him that being scared gives him the opportunity to be brave.  Then, as Batman catches up to Catwoman on a rainy rooftop, we see him finally do something he wants to do...for himself...not as a hero...but as a person.  It's fan service galore, will cause a lot of debate and it's something I personally hate.  However, since it's a matter of taste, I will not let it factor into my score.

Those tricks are going to kill you, Gotham Girl!!!

This is a hard issue to score.  As a one-off issue exploring Batman's psyche about what it is to be Batman and if he in fact wants to be the Dark Knight, it's pretty good.  You get a very human Batman struggling between doing what he must and what he wants...and how the lines grey somewhere in-between.  If that's all you've shown up for, have at it and enjoy yourself.  

However, if you came here for any real answers, this issue is a complete and utter failure. What happened to Bane?  Are the Robins okay?  Is Selina still wanted for mass murder?  Is Thomas Wayne's dying wish still on Batman's mind?  Inquiring minds want to know!  

I love talking to people in the comments below, but if anyone says that I need to "fill in the blanks on my own", I may fucking explode!!!  I am sick of having to fill in the blanks! This isn't Madlibs for fucks sake. GIVE ME ANSWERS!!!

I loved the Clay Mann Gotham Girl/Batman art in this issue, though it's odd seeing Batman in such bright daylight.  Screw that, I may love it more because of that.  The Catwoman stuff is pure David Finch and while I'm a big fan, I liked the Mann stuff a tiny bit better.  Either side that you fall on, I think you will like the look of this issue a lot.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a good story that shows how human Batman really is underneath the Cowl, but unfortunately, it fails miserably as an epilogue to any of the stories that desperately need one.  With all the questions left hanging, it's ridiculous how little we find out.  The art is good, but this issue continues the trend of having to wait for answers that never come.



  1. My reaction to the last page: "what the fucking fuck!?"

    Something about Batman whining about not being happy and deciding the solution is to propose to Catwoman makes me think Tom King didn't want to write Batman, but couldn't say no so he just made up this other character in his mind who repeats himself, talks to his dead mother and postulates his inner happiness.

    And I actually like this book; but between this and the Swamp Thing shuffle I may be tuning in just to see how un-Batman Batman can get than I am for the actual story,

  2. I just like batman and catwoman together, its time these two hearts are joined as one. I meann, its about time that they be together. I like the batman catwoman scene ONLY, with emphasis on the ONLY and not him and claire yapping on about what to do with themselves that took almost all pages. I agree with the claymann art being good jim. However i do like finch's art better, feels like more modern and good looking figures.

  3. I don't care about Batman and Catwoman together, but my hot take is that this is just used as a way to show the emotional state of Batman and that it actually won't go anywhere for whatever reason. I think it's used as a way to show Bruce reacting to his conversations with his parents and him not stopping being Batman because it's who he is, but him realizing he doesn't have to be miserable while being it.

    I like the Gotham Girl and Batman stuff and wish this was more of an epilogue to the I Am stuff rather than the Rooftops/Button stuff. What happened to the Robins? What happened with Bane? Any followup to any actual story at all?

  4. This issue is garbage. This doesn't sound like Batman at all. This doesn't feel like Batman. This marriage comes out of no where not organically. And King can go fuck himself for suggesting we were going to get any answers at all. 4 out of 10.

    1. Out of nowhere? Did you miss rooftops and the letters between the two in I am Suicide? Any time these two are together it's all love and fucking.

    2. I agree, the Batman & Catwoman relationship has been seeded enough through out kings run. And considering no one has done anything new with this series since Snyders run I'm okay with this. I've been reading batman for about 18 years of my life, and if this happens, then it will Actually be a new story that hasn't been touched upon on in main continuity. The rest of this issue is bullshit.

    3. Anthony, it HAS been touched on on main continuity. Bruce and Selina were married, and had a daughter named Helena. Bruce retired from being Batman and became the mayor of Gotham City, while the adult Robin (Dick Grayson) took over Batman's mantle in a kickass version of the Robin costume with the R symbol and Bat emblem combined. SPOILER ALERT:
      Both Selina and Bruce die, eventually.

    4. When where they married in main continuity?

    5. Earth 2 in the late '70s... that's the origin of Silver Age Huntress (Helena Wayne). Really great stories. Much better than anything currently in Rebirth (Except Hitch's excellent Justice League, of course).

    6. Oh Mike...Thanks for that smile.

  5. This is filler.

  6. For God's sake. . .when can we have awesome sci-fi detective Batman back? I thought Grant Morrison was the worst Batman writer until Tom King turned it into romantic fanfic. I HATED Morrison writing Batman, now I pray they bring him back.

  7. Why is everyone so anti-marriage. I'm happy for Batman, way to put a ring on it. Get ready for the bachelor party bitches.

  8. I hate when Batman takes off the cowl outside the Batcave.... and the rest of it. I mean, I'm glad we got to see Claire again (finally).

    1. I love the Claire parts with her not knowing what to do...hate this Batman and I also hate when he takes off the cowl like this