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Cougar and Cub #5 Review

Cougar and Cub #5

Writer: Nick Marino, Rosie Knight
Art Team: Daniel Arruda Massa
Action Lab Danger Zone
Release Date: May 31, 2017
Cover Price: $2.99 digital only @

Cougar and Cub Come to a Climax

The clever, Batman and Robin satire, innuendo filled comic series, called Cougar and Cub comes to a raucous conclusion here to wrap up the month of May in style. Nick Marino and Rosie Knight, with Daniel Arruda on art duties, pull no punches in the conclusion to their home brewed tale and I for one wouldn’t have it any other way.  So after last issue, with Cougar beaten down and Cub captured, do we end up receiving the ‘happy ending’ we were hoping for? Jump in to find out that and more.

The issue starts off with the introduction to a pretty crazy new character, which has an even crazier history, with our hero Cougar.  After using her old pal for his ‘services’, Cougar jets off to free her sidekick Cub from the clutches of her Rouges, and the still yet to be named ‘Big Bad’ responsible for organizing all this recent chaos around the lives of our heroes.

Next we move on to discover Cub looks like he’s about to suffer the worst fate humanly possible by being forced into a life of male prostitution by the villains (OH NO! The horror!!!!!)! However the Cougar arrives just in the nick of time and begins to lay the smack down on her ‘Rouges gallery’s’ candy asses.  The Cougar takes down each ‘Rouge’, in a clever and awesomely inappropriate way, before eventually coming face to face with the master of disaster itself … The Brains?!?! 

This act moves into the backstory on our newfound villain. We find out the Brain’s ends up being formerly Timmy Tawny, a sidekick of Cougar, that didn’t get the same special treatment the current Cub is receiving.  A jealous Brain, fills us all in on the why’s, with a monologue for the ages, on the intricacies of his background just as our narration pops back up in hysterical fashion which has been just an utter highlight of the series so far.

I don’t want to flat out spoil the ending to this clever currently digital only series(which will be coming out in trade paperback shortly) but let’s just say the book concludes in a way that the great Eric Shea’s girlfriend “would find inappropriate” while also making her very angry …. <Door slam>.

Cougar and Cub is a great series for fans of the satire genre, who have a love for golden and silver age hero team ups, laced with enough humor and innuendo to make a high school student blush. It’s worth saying again, the narration in this comic book is absolutely scene stealing, and worth the price of admission alone, really elevating the story telling. Daniel Arruda’s art is also just so damn dapper, perfectly suited for this ‘Adult Swim’ type comedy, simply adding to the laughs of the story with his unique style.

You can just tell everyone involved in this title had a blast making the book, which totally comes through on the printed page plus keep your eye out for a neat little cameo from the stories creators towards the end of the title.

Bits and Pieces

I whole heartedly recommend this series to any fan interested in Action Lab Danger Zone’s offerings who’s unsure what to checkout next. This is a story with a sense of humor at play here that perfectly captures the whole late night adult cartoon type feel and is deserving of your attention.  


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