Friday, June 9, 2017

Everafter #10 Review

Happily Everafter?

Written by: Dave Justus and Lilah Sturges
Art by: Travis Moore, Micheal Wiggam and Todd Klein
Cover Price: $3.99
Review by: Travis Laborde 

So, what's been going on inside the cube?  Are our Fables any closer to breaking in to save the kids in the school?  What about the ghost-woman with the bleeding eyes?  Has the Indian boy had his fill of sexy times with everyone yet?  Is this a good month or a bad month for the artwork?  Read on, and find out....

Let's get the best part out of the way right at the start:  the art is amazing.  Travis Moore is really good.  Why can't they steal him for Batgirl?  It has to pay more.  The art is really so good.  It almost makes the book worth reading.

But, yeah... this book is going nowhere.  Apparently time has been going by much faster inside the cube.  The three boys who took over the school just yesterday have now been ruling it for years and years.  Lots of babies born and grown.  They are starting a faith based group believing that one day they will be saved.

the kid who entered the cube to try and negotiate was killed immediately, and they have faith he will return to save them.  their faith eventually enables them to face their fears and... maybe defeat the three evil kids?  Who knows?

Bits and Pieces:

...and no, no progression on the "bloody eyed ghost" story.  sigh.  I hope we get back to the "main" story soon.  So, I'd have to give this issue a 7/10,  but a full point is just for art.  The art is really great.


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