Thursday, June 8, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 6/6

Four Twenty-Fours and One Thirteen

There was a wide selection of covers from DC Comics this week--almost twice as many as they had comic books! You'd think that makes my job more difficult, but it doesn't. Poring over pages of dynamic artwork is a treat! Still, I have to cull them down to five, and I have. Here are the covers I found most striking this week.

Batman #24 variant
Tim Sale
There are two types of people in this world: people that like Tim Sale's artwork, and poor bastards that don't understand beauty or truth. This duotone cover is the kind of thing that will make you do a double take on at the comic shop. Catwoman's looking a little chunky but that suits me just fine.

Cyborg #13
Allan Jefferson with Guy Major
The Cyborg cover tribute to M.C. Escher continues with this take on "Hand With a Reflecting Sphere." I dig it, it's well-rendered and definitely makes me interested to know what's going on within. Cyborg's popping out of the top of the globe is a cute touch but he sort of reminds me of Brainiac here. Is that part of the story line? I haven't been reading this.

Aquaman #24 variant
Joshua Middleton
This is the kind of artwork that makes you begin conjuring your own stories. Who stabbed Aquaman in the back? Why is he sinking when everyone knows dead fish float? It's the background gradient that sets much of the mood for this piece, but the translucent logo is a nice touch. And it somehow does tie the whole cover together, who'd have thunk it?

Superman #24 variant
Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez
I kept coming back to this cover. I almost wasn't going to select it but something kept pulling me in. The composition is exquisite, the anger in Jonathan is palpable, Manchester Black's sneer and Superman's cowering are rendered with aplomb. But I can't put my finger on why I like this so much. I'm going to chalk this up to "positive visceral reaction" and move along.

Green Arrow #24
Juan Ferreyra
Here's a cover that's sure to give children nightmares. The action in the foreground helps dampen the feelings left by half a red, grinning skull bisected with Oliver's weirdly grimacing face. It's a busy cover, but that stark background image draws your focus away from the fracas. Hey, that was some neat alliteration! "Ferreyra gonna scare ya, take your focus from the fracas." I should have been a rapper.


  1. Take your focus from the fracas is a great line.

  2. I'm pretty Manchester Black's Manchester is hang out his open zipper making Superman cower.

  3. I know it's not eligible, but the two covers so far for Black Bolt have been amazing. Probably the highlight of those books.

  4. I'm a poor bastard that will put a Sale cover back if it's in my pull pile , they're awful I don't like anything about them. Who remembers him drawing Batman with tits at the beginning of rebirth