Monday, June 26, 2017

Daredevil #22 Review - Marvel Monday

Supreme part 2

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Goran Sudzuka
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 21, 2017
Review by: Aaron Anderson

We last saw Daredevil in full uniform taking the stand in a New York Supreme Court case. In a very satisfying cliff hanger to an extremely satisfying opening arc. Let us see if our Daredevil creators can keep up the pace in this issue.

We open to a judge doing a don't make a mockery of my court room montage of panels. We are then presented with everything that is at stake in this trial. For everyone heroes and criminals alike. See Daredevil is trying to testify in court without removing his mask. There is precedent for it. Since the state has used confidential testimony and informants before. Then the judge informs Daredevil what the defense might do to stop his testimony right in front of the defense. Which I thought was a little off, cause that basically tells the defense what to do but whatever.

Matt Murdock has thought all of this out before hand though. Basically he is seven steps ahead of everybody. The defense attorney files for a motion the Murdock associates file a response brief to keep everything moving without delays. The defense attorney Mr. Baden starts to accuse possible theft as grounds to mistrial. Because he can believe they have responses to all of his arguments. He is outraged until he sees Matt Murdock's name at the end of the brief and for some reason this gives it enough credibility to totally neuter Mr. Baden into submission. 

Not going to lie this sequence of panels was suppose to convey some emotional impact I believe and it failed for me. Mr. Baden was so shocked to see Matt's name on that brief I just didn't get it I guess. Next the judge calls the attorneys into his chambers while Daredevil listens into part of the conversation. I say part because he is to busy internal monologuing to give us the whole conversation. Only faint worry that he didn't think of everything. Then some bullshit faint surprise at the defense attorney's next card up his sleeve. Baden needs proof that Daredevil is who he says he is. So it's dance monkey dance time. Daredevil says he can hear a conversation down the hall go ask. 

Mr. Baden says that could be a plant by him. Daredevil tells him what he had for lunch. Then all hell breaks loose. Because the Clip breaks in through the door. The Clip was the gang from last issue that tried to blow up City Hall. They are here to free Slug with guns a blazing. Good thing they can't shoot for shit, can't dodge to save their lives, and are literal push overs. No Seriously... 

In the fight scene Daredevil runs over the top of pews with two assault rifles and two glocks pointed at him. As he monologues about how guns are not good in close range...especially rifles. With a woman with two pistols right fucking there! He dives at the three people with guns pushing them over end of fight...Daredevil wins...WTF!

We then go to two weeks later at the victory party. Matt Murdock's boss is worried what may happen now. Matt is confident that whatever happens they will be prepared for it. And the Kingpin is pissed is the big reveal at the end...and so am I.

Bits and Pieces:

This story isn't over,I guess, but it felt like it deflated in my hands. Kinda like my first girlfriend. I had real high of hopes going into this I guess. I kinda thought we were going to be treated to a little bit of Law & Order Marvel style. Instead we got a little razzle dazzle follow the card for a dollar street magic show. Where the real magic happens behind you as the street performer's partner steals your last $3.99 out of your wallet.



  1. I was so disappointed by the end. Charles should have just let DD testify, but no, he needed badguys to beat up to prove he is DD. And of course, the kingpin is the main villain. What about Owl? What's wrong with him? I liked the last story arc and this current one has potential, but right now, I am left luke warm by this issue.

  2. I fully agree Tao. This had so much potential.