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Man-Thing #5 Review - Marvel Monday

Man-Thing #5 Review

Writer: R.L. Stine
Art Team: German Peralta, Rachelle Rosenberg 
Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 21, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Put the Man-Thing Away

Man-Thing reaches its conclusion here this month as this five issue mini-series comes to a close.  While initially excited about learning who this character was and what he was capable of, I find four issues in, that hasn’t been touched on much. Instead we’ve gotten just a series of weird things happening, just to progress the story further, which makes me glad it’s come to a close at five issues to be honest. So does the conclusion to the series at least redeem the story a bit? Let’s find out inside.

Man Thing begins this issue under the control of Evil Queen Irena, possessing a magic sword and standing over OldFather, very reminiscent of the scene from the previous issue only this time Man-Thing’s possessing the sword.  Believe it or not Man-Thing goes through with the deed, ‘seemingly’ killing OldFather, as Irena comes down to congratulate him for going through with her commands.

Suddenly with Irena in front of him, Man-Thing, for one reason or another, breaks her spell upon him as she gets close, lashing out at her for forcing him to kill OldFather, withstanding her defensive efforts to trick him once again. Man-Thing ultimately succeeds in finally killing Irena with the one power I knew he had coming into this series his ‘burning touch’. The attending crowd in the packed Colosseum panics and empties scattering throughout Nexus never to be seen in this book again.

As Man-Thing stares upon the horror he caused, the severed head of OldFather, it begins shockingly speaking to Man-Thing. The head of OldFather yells at Man-Thing, declaring he, despite being bodyless, is not a “wuss”. The head of OldFather demands Man-Thing hurry up and find his body, and place his head back upon it quickly, before he dies for good since a magic man can only go headless so long I guess.

The remainder of the majority of this issue is Man-Thing, and the head of OldFather, fighting off a character called the Yellow Arrow, who shows up out of nowhere and is bright as the sun, followed by the official hunt for OldFather’s the missing body, which is quickly stumbled upon, in none other than a place called the “Body Shop”. 

Believe it or not our story concludes when Man-Thing, in three point shot fashion, replaces the head of OldFather on the body just in the nick of time.  Now fully powered up, OldFather summons two portals to take our ‘heroes’ home, but Man-Thing stumbles into the wrong one ending up in a Rick and Morty-esque world where everyone resembles himself … he’s in a world where Man-Thing’s are everywhere NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Overall I guess I expected a little something different from this series going in and after having read all five issues I do feel slightly let down by the overall product.  I understand anything can happen in Nexus but as a result don’t know much about the character of Man-Thing or his power-set to any great degree after five issues. I don’t get how this journey benefited Man-Thing as a character in any way shape or form. This felt like a book where things were determined ahead of time characters would be making weird decisions just for the sake of making them. Nothing was done to benefit the story in any real way, or to provide a twist in the that made sense ... it was all just weird for the sake of being weird.

The art was the highlight of this series with everything rendered on the page in eye catching fashion. There are a few perspective issues towards the end of this issue, especially with the way the portals are positioned, but the art was good overall.

Bits and Pieces

Man-Thing started pretty intriguing as a mini-series but ultimately morphed into a random series of events for the story to reach a ho-hum conclusion.  The art looks pretty, and can get trippy when the characters are in Nexus, but there's nothing special that make this issue or series ultimately worth it as a whole to check out.


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