Tuesday, June 27, 2017

PREVIEW: Jonah Hex/Yosemite Sam Special #1

What's Mine is Mine

Script: Jimmy Palmiotti
Art, Interior and Cover: Mark Texeira
Color, Interior and Cover: Paul Mounts
Letters: Saida Temofonte
Back-Up Script: Bill Matheny
Back-Up Art: Dave Alvarez
Variant Cover: Dave Alvarez
Cover Price: $4.99
On Sale Date: June 28, 2017

When miner Yosemite Sam strikes it rich, word gets out as everyone comes gunning for his wealth! To protect himself and his new riches, he hires bounty hunter Jonah Hex-—but the man protecting him may be his worst nightmare! And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters written by Bill Matheny and artwork by Dave Alvarez.

Here's a Looney Tunes team-up that makes some sort of sense...and with that, I have proven my abnormal mind. Peep at some preview pages to get an inkling!


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