Thursday, June 29, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Superboy #22 Review (New 52)

Does Superman know that You Raid his Wardrobe?

Written by: Justin Jordan
Art by: Gui Balbi, Marlo Alquiza, Don Ho, The Hories and Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date:  July 10, 2013

Way back when we started the site, Eric jumped on this book right away.  I wasn't fighting him for it or anything, but he still demanded that this was his to review.  The guy loves Superboy so much...but I really do think he misses Kon.  Sure, he loves Jon and all, but this is his Superboy.  Maybe we will get him back soon...  - Jim

Alright just to get it out of the way in the beginning of this issue, a woman named Jocelyn Lure goes to Superboy's apartment looking for him. Yes she is from the future, yes she is trying to stop Superboy from destroying that future, and no Superboy isn't home.

Now to the fun bit. Superboy in Highschool. All the classic stereo typed kids from all our favorite John Hughes films stuffed tight into a 19 page comic book. Awesome right? Well it's pretty fun, I'll give it that. Superboy goes to High school to investigate reports that the students have gone insane.
He believes that one of the students will be H.I.V.E.'s next target.

Superboy immediately goes from being the cute new boy in school to pariah when he has an altercation trying to defend a girl from her over-bearing boyfriend. Super Boy humiliates the bruiser, and the princess goes to the jock's side. Now that Superboy is a cross between the Brain and the criminal, he is befriended by the basket case Eliza Ellis.

Throughout the day Superboy is sent to the guidence office, principal's office and finally superintendent's office. School Hard. We go back to the halls to find that the Jock is now going crazy. Superboy subdues him so that he doesn't hurt anyone. And again people look at him like he's the freak.

Doing some detective work Superboy goes to Eliza to see what she knows about the "freak outs". Eliza seems unsympathetic to the students plight, and while Superboy is trying to get more information out of her, it all goes monsters. While it appears that Superboy himself has gone insane he seems to believe that whoever is responsible has made all his friends into monsters. Including an awful monster Krypto.

Bits and Pieces:

I enjoyed this issue enough to want to read more on Superboy in high school. The only problem is that the stereotyped teenagers are over the top in their roles. But I'll let it slide because I'm biased to anything John Hughes like. My only real gripe is that towards the beginning a character goes from being a Gwen Stacy type all green jacket, and skirt, to a few panels over where she became a sporty Mary Jane Watson. Maybe it was intended to be a different character, but the art work wasn't completely clear in the end. Superboy #22, give it a read.


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