Thursday, July 20, 2017

Best DC Comics Covers of the Week 7/19/17

Two Aquamen, Two Jorges

There was some really great artwork gracing the fronts of DC Comics this week! Paring them down into the five best was really difficult--so I didn't! Two covers wound up in a rare tie, and they were both from the same book! Which book was it? You'll have to read on to find out!

Super Sons #6
Jorge Jimenez
If you've been reading my cover choices over the last few months, then you know I am a sucker for a cover with word balloons on it. This one is well composed, and pretty funny on the face of it. I mean, look at that ridiculous pose Superboy is in, you can tell he's trying to look tough but he's probably got a voice like Mickey Mouse.

Superman #27
Jorge Jimenez
There's something so Golden Age goofy about this, I had to love it. Reminds me of those World's Finest covers where Superman, Batman and Robin are playing baseball or water skiing or something like that. The muted color palette makes the scene seem like something from olden times.

Green Arrow #27 variant
Esad Ribic
 This is a study in form, shape, composition, and color--what I mean is, it's a nice piece of artwork! Wonder Woman and Green Arrow creating similar triangles with their legs (well, part of her cape in Diana's case) grounds the bottom half of this picture and allows the top half to breathe. This is why their faces can be less detailed; we get all the information we need from their poses and costumes.

Aquaman #26
Stjepan Sejic
Aquaman #26 variant
Joshua Middleton
Here we have two covers from the same issue, both awesome in different ways. Sejic's cover is a great splash (heh) of a furious Mera--just look at the water swirling behind her! Middleton's cover is quieter picture of Dolphin looking back at us, beckoning us to keep up. It's like A Tale of Two Cities, except with comic book covers. Spectacular work for both.

Trinity #11
Francis Manapul
I'm going to be honest in saying that I don't really enjoy the story in this series, but damned if I don't get an Absolute Edition, if one comes out. Every page is so gorgeous, and that includes the cover. In this case, I had to give this the top slot, due to the composition and coloring, but also because of the cool logos for Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Something almost Ralph Bakshi in their execution.

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  1. Both of those Aquaman covers are *kissing fingers into air motion*