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Marvel Mondays Melees & Madness - Week of July 12, 2017

Marvel Mondays Melees & Madness – Week of July 12, 2017

Lotta crazy things happening each and every week in Marvel comics and lets be honest that’s what we all read these books for.  I mean who after a long day of work doesn’t like to come home to a cold soda and musty smelling comic book to escape into an array of fights, witty dialogue, and nonsense that can only occur in the pages of our weekly stories. Sure you can apply Spider-Man’s banter to your everyday work life but I’m sure more than one or two people will wonder why you’re calling them Doctor Octopus. Anyway lets see what we we’re treated to this week in Marvel’s books or maybe you’ll discover something you may have missed … jump in and find out.

SPOILER ALERT from this point forward if you're not caught up. 

Venom #152
Art Team: Gerardo Sandoval 

Well the panel caption says everything you need to know about his gem of a page and why I picked it.

X-Men: Blue #7
Art Team: Cory Smith

Some people love them some people hate them but the X-Men Blue team is here to stay for now ... at least Ultimate 'Wolverines' suit is pretty bad ass!

Defenders #3
Art Team: David Marquez 

Poor Iron Fist gets his Batman vs Bane moment in a fight vs Diamondback. The page before this one was also a beauty check it out for the fight if nothing else. 

Old Man Logan #26
Art Team: Mike Deodato

If this looks like the weather in your area I suggest moving and leaving everything you own behind ... what are you waiting for? RUN!!! 

Darth Vader #3
Art Team: Giuseppe Camuncoli

Nothing here to see but your bi-weekly reminder to not mess with Vader!

Thats it for this week boys and girls, remember if you see something noteworthy be sure to grab our attention here at WeirdScienceDC Marvel Mondays and we'll spotlight the scene for you!

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