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Spider-Men II #1 Review - Marvel Monday


Spider-Men II #1 Review

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art Team: Sara Pichelli, Justin Ponsor
Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 12, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Are Two Spider-Men Better Than One?

The very long awaited sequel Spider-Men 2 has arrived and with it immediately follows the answer everyone has waited five years for … well kind of. The elevator pitch for new comers is Miles and Peter meet and adventure ensues, only this time there in the same universe, no dimension jumping needed. Although the impact of the story is a little different this time around is there enough to like here for me to overcome my self-imposed Brain Michael Bendis ban … well let’s find out.

The issue starts with a cool cold opening with Miles and Peter caught in a situation you know is less than ideal if there both hanging upside down together deposed of. Miles, with Peter’s wishes, uses his Mega Venom Blast to bust the ropes, knocking Peter out of the fight temporarily. Miles takes off after a plane attempting to get away from the two heroes taking off but fails in his attempt at catching the plane. When Peter Parker Spider-Man finally catches up to Miles he knocks him down a few pegs like a complete asshat especially without all the previous context necessary for this scolding. 

After our opening we jump to a few weeks back catching up with Miles in school before transitioning to Peter in the suit taking on the Armadillo in a fight, and a jokey inner monologue, that lingers on a bit too long. Peter eventually beats the hell out of the nothing villain before suddenly noticing a giant purple/pinkish dimensional portal (very close in appearance to the one from the first Spider-Men series) appearing in the sky above New York.  

Back to Miles at school, him and Genke, shoot the shit on a bench during lunch as Miles notices a new, to him, girl named Barbara (nobody names their kid Barbara anymore right?).  Miles and Genke go back and forth about whether or not Miles should go talk to her before Genke forces Miles’ hand and calls her over … classic bro move. Then out of nowhere, after everything was going smoothly, a giant alien looking ball drops from the sky with a similar pinkish glow Peter just saw. Miles takes the opportunity as a distraction necessary to sneaks off and get in his gear.

In the sky above New York Miles and Peter have a ‘fancy seeing you here moment’ with each other and together they head off in the direction of the ‘portal’. After reminiscing about their previous experience together briefly we’re treated to a quick double cliffhanger as what looks like the Ultimate Universe Taskmaster as he comes walking through the portal the Spider-Men are investigating. Meanwhile the book ends with a quick glimpse of the ‘616’ Miles Morales being revealed and boy he doesn’t look very happy at all.

Overall Spider-Men was a solid first issue that lingered a little too long on a few scenes in the middle of the book that didn’t feel overly integral to the story.  However I liked the interesting aspects of the story enough to come back for more in issue two and really see where our story is headed after a decent setup raising a lot of questions.  The art done by Pichelli and Ponsor is incredible as always giving our heroes some menacing looking bad guys to face off the bat. 

Bits and Pieces

This is a decent but not jaw dropping start to a mini-series bringing Peter and Miles back together to investigate the cliffhanger from the first series.  While the first issue didn’t tackle this problem head-on and running enough of my interest was piqued for a return visit to this series especially with Pichelli and Ponsor on art duties.


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