Monday, August 7, 2017

Marvel Monday’s Marvelous Covers – Week of August 2, 2017

Marvel Monday’s Marvelous Covers – Week of August 2, 2017

The start of the month always brings about a new bunch of comics, storylines, and covers of course. So what is grabbing the attention of the Get Fresh Crew on their way through the comic store? Why don’t you jump inside and find out to see if your suggestions made it this week!

Iron Fist #6
CA: Jeff Dekal
Well you want to know one way to get the attention of the Get Fresh Crew make thecover of your comic book look like a 70’s movie poster … SOLD!

Darth Vader #4
CA: Giuseppe Camuncoli
You don’t see Vader often in a position he’s reaching for help. Looking down at the Darth one like this sure makes me fear him a little less … someone help the poor robotic man already would ya.

Spider-Man #19
CA: Patrick Brown
Mr. Brown has been knocking the covers for this series out of the park lately and this issue is no exception.  If you were telling me at this point you’re buy the Miles book solely for the cover work I wouldn’t doubt you for a second.

The Avengers #10
CA: Alex Ross

We get a look at the entire team of the ‘evil’ team of Avengers lead by Stevil Rodgers. The Hydra symbol spacing our heroes throughout the cover and highlighting each member of the team is certainly one way to draw peoples eyes … although Im sure Alex Ross doesn’t need me telling him that at all. 

Shout out to the Get Fresh Crew for all the help highlighting the covers this week.  Remember DM or get my attention on the Slack chat or on Twitter @bmur3660

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