Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Supergirl #12 Review

The Furious Me

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, Micheal Atiyeh and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 9, 2017

I am a big Supergirl fan...just not a fan of this particular book.  It kills me because while I would love to overlook it's shortcomings and just enjoy Kara and the gang, I can't.  The dialogue and art has been subpar and the stories just haven't been good.  Well, with a new arc and new artist (Robson Rocha) starting up, hope springs eternal.  Can this be the issue where it all comes together and I can start recommending it to all the kids down at the rec center?  Let's find out...

The issue starts with a little recap of last issue's cliffhanger and I have to give Steve Orlando credit, it jives up.  Of course, it seems that things are not what they seem.  Why?  Because Cat Grant is at Oceanside Memorial Park (still featuring Argo City wreckage that almost killed everyone) telling everyone about her new news app...that kind of feels like a bunch of social media stuff we already have.  Back to Supergirl, after getting shot, she feels great.  Yep, she flies so fast she breaks a bunch of windows and her heat vision goes haywire.

Meanwhile, the Furious Four becomes the Furious Five by grabbing Solomon Grundy and while they look like a kick ass bunch of villains, it's still a little confusing what they are up to mainly because of the awful dialogue.  I guess it's enough to know that they are up against Supergirl, but getting there is a bit of a stretch.

While bad stuff goes down in Gotham, Kara tries to get back to normal, but school is tough when your powers are making a school bell sound like a cannon.  That and the big hole that suddenly swallows Kara up before Ben Rubble helps her out.

The issue continues with Selena paying Cat Grant a visit, Magog and Solomon Grundy arrive in National City with a few hours to kill and Supergirl goes to talk to her father.  He doesn't really feel like talking and Kara has to leave to deal with the Grundy situation downtown.  The issue ends with Cameron Chase getting a a visitor herself and Supergirl looking like he's in big, big trouble.

This issue is a bit of a mess.  I understand it's a new arc, but with it being a continuation of what we got before in the series, I expected to be on more solid ground.  I understand that Orlando can tie it all together in the next couple issues, but that doesn't make this one any more readable.

The art of Robson Rocha, however, is fantastic.  It actually lifts the book and makes it at least nice to look at.  If the story could catch up, readers may finally get a book worth following.  I am not holding my breath for that.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue opens up the Girl of No Tomorrow arc and it's not good.  In fact, it's a convoluted mess.  Robson Rocha's art is really good, but there is nothing else here to recommend.



  1. While the last few issues have been somewhat a mess, I don't see what you think is messy about this issue. The only thing that isn't explained is what happened between Cat and Kara at the beginning, and that part is clearly a mystery meant to be revealed in upcoming issues.
    This is the first time I think Supergirl was the best issue of the week.
    Solid in all matters, from great art to tension building, emotions and all.

    1. Liked the art...emotions??? The issue felt jammed together to me and the dialogue is never good. It all started with the opener not matching last issues cliffhanger, though that was an art thing.

      Supergirl gets shot, he powers going haywire so...she goes to school? She has no idea she won't accidentally kill everyone. Says she's going to go to Eliza and Jeremiah until she doesn't.

      And it looks like this is going to be the cliched story of "let's turn the people against supergirl before we kill her" that we just saw in the flash and has been done a ton.

  2. I can't hate too much on Orlando's writing. I find him to be like Dan Abnett, an almost always solid comic book writer. Rarely great and rarely awful. The dialogue, at times seems a bit forced, but it also does a good job of explaining things to the audience. Cat Grant is written really well and made me laugh out loud. While I like Rocha's art, I love Brian Ching's art and I do miss it. As a whole, I found this issue to be good comic book fun. 6.5/10