Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Suicide Squad #23 Review and **SPOILERS**


Nabbing Frost for the Boss

Story: Rob Williams 
Art: Gus Vasquez 
Colors: Adriano Lucas 
Lettering: Pat Brosseau 
Cover: Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira & Adriano Lucas
Cover Price: $2.99
On Sale Date: August 9, 2017


Last issue, Amanda Waller tasked the Task Force X with capturing Killer Frost and Batman, and it sent the internet all in a tizzy. What fresh hell does this comic book have to unleash on an unsuspecting Twitterverse this time? Check out my review of Suicide Squad #23 and find out!

Explain It!

It seems that Batman asked Amanda Waller nicely if he could borrow convicted criminal Killer Frost to be on the Justice League of America, and she begrudgingly allowed it while warning that she would eventually snap out and commit murder. And then they walked by a toddler about to shove a fork into an electrical outlet and shrugged, figuring the little brat had to learn sometime. After that, they witnessed Belle Reve’s janitor mixing ammonia and bleach in a bucket, and moved away from the chlorine gas without giving a warning because it’s not their problem if someone dies due to their own ineptitude. These are normal actions for a superhero that wants to ally with an incarcerated criminal and a government agent who sets murderers free despite believing that they will kill again. Well, Waller didn’t set Frost entirely free, because she’s sent the Suicide Squad to pick her up, and she’s able to use a tracking device implanted during the time that Killer Frost was part of Amanda Waller’s team.
Looks like El Diablo has replaced Captain Boomerang, who is still on a snowy mountainside in Hungary, as far as we know. Unfortunately, the rest of the team is intact and…I dunno. Someone mentioned it on Twitter last week, and I have to agree that I’d like to see the Suicide Squad’s membership juggled around a little bit more. I know there’s a drive to have synergy with the movie, but there used to be more variance in the Ostrander run, and I think it suited the concept better. Heck, I’d expect to see Harley Quinn and Deadshot every time out, but I think we can let Enchantress and Killer Croc ride the pine for a story arc or two. Not to mention that there seems to be something wrong with El Diablo…he’s not feeling too well. There’s no sick days in the Suicide Squad, so taskmaster Harley sends El Diablo out to face Killer Frost first, which is like serving her an all-you-can-eat buffet. And oh, does she eat.
She contracts El Diablo’s sickness, though, a pathogen injected by Waller for just this reason. So not only did she imperil El Diablo’s life—twice—but now she’s infected Killer Frost willy-nilly. Amanda Waller is just the worst ever person, that’s all! Batman shows up to save his Justice League, and we’re treated to a pretty good action scene where Batman rightfully hands the Suicide Squad their asses. The whole time, he’s calibrating the signal to their brain bombs, which he then uses to send a sonic squeal that incapacitates them. But he neglected the one teammate without a brain bomb: Katana! She slashes Batman in the back, then chucks him beneath a sheet of ice into some freezing water, before taking off with Frost and the rest of the Squad. Of course, Batman drags himself out of the water at the end, and he is super ticked off.
I guess the whole thing about Batman being a metahuman is baseless because the Suicide Squad didn’t even bother to incarcerate him. The entire issue, we see flashbacks between Waller and Batman, and also Waller and Direktor Karla that seem to imply that she’s with The People’s program, but I’m not so sure…Amanda Waller isn’t one to follow anyone else’s lead. Even though I poked fun at this issue, I did have a good time with it. There was lots of room for funny character moments, and the depths Amanda Waller will go to achieve her objectives never cease to amaze me. My biggest problem with the issue is that several characters play no role at all, they just stand around doing nothing because, you know, they have to be there. But the artwork was terrific and the mystery of The People has become pretty intriguing, so I’m glad the next issue is out in two weeks!

Bits and Pieces:

At the behest of Amanda Waller (of course), the Suicide Squad goes after Killer Frost--and it's not as simple as leaving a trail of hot pennies for her to follow! Of course, her Justice League of America teammate has to enter the fray, to good effect. For the story, I mean; everyone else takes a pretty good beating.



  1. If this story doesn't somehow tie into the fact that Katana was once Batman's team mate in The Outsiders and she's helping him then this entire suicide squad run since rebirth will without a doubt be the worst since the new 52 started
    Since the whole setup for Justice League vs Suicide Squad this story has been long slow and boring and this Arc doesn't Shape Up then it'll be yet another rebirth title that gets dropped

  2. The only exception to this is when you jump off of the very top level, which then lands you back on the lowest level.suicide guy hack