Monday, August 7, 2017

Marvel Monday’s Melee Madness – Week of August 2, 2017

Marvel Monday’s Melee Madness – Week of August 2, 2017

The Melee Madness is a weekly segment here at Weird Science meant to bring you some of the best moments you may have missed in your weekly reading and skimming of the books in your local comic book store isles.  We don’t bite too hard around here so remember if you see something, anything, that catches your attention in a title your reading shout us out here (on twitter or in the slack chat) and look for your suggestion to be featured.

Darth Vader #4
Darth under goes some Force repairs and then takes part in some Force revenge all in the latest bad ass issue of Darth Vader.  I’ve never rooted for bad guys so hard in a property I don’t care much about … you go Darth.

Iron Fist #6
We see the great Shang-Chi pop up in the Iron Fist #6 this week … and just as quick as he come in he goes out literally in a blaze of glory. Say it isn’t so Marvel, say it isn’t so!

Nick Fury #5
Well, ever wonder what a Nick Fury story would look like if he took a bunch of extract and acid? Im thinking if would resemble something along the lines of Nick Fury #5

Generations: Banner Hulk & Totally Awesome Hulk #1
Hulk pulls out the win for the most phallic looking structure in comics this week.  Just for good measure a few classic Hulk Smash moments are provided before and after this ‘towers’ appearance so the ol’ Green Monster doesn’t seem to distracted at least.

X-Men: Gold #9
Guess who back, back again …

Avengers #10
I’m not sure that’s what that phrase means there guys!  Hey guys are you listening?

Till next week guys remember get at me on the Slack chat or let me know on Twitter @bmur3660 and look for your suggestions featured here!

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