Thursday, September 7, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 9/6/17

B-B-B-Balloon is the Word

Hey, another week of beloved DC Comics! And it's not a fifth week this time, so there was a wealth of covers to pick from for this list...unfortunately, I still struggled to pull something together by the end. It's not that every other cover was bad, per se, but they just didn't require special noting. Which ones did? Read on to find out!

Nightwing #28
Javier Fernandez and Chris Sotomayor
Last week I admitted that when you've got dialogue balloons on your comic book cover, you're going to catch my attention. Well, this one certainly caught my attention...but it lacks the fun of last week's offering. Perhaps the fact that it looks like it was drawn in the dark owes to my dissatisfaction. Word balloons on covers are a privilege, not a right. Use them with caution.

Green Lanterns #30
Brad Walker
The fact that I'm reading this title, and therefore know the significance of what's happening in this image, contributes to how much I like this cover. But it's also quite striking. It's practically in one-color, and the burst of, uh, light power from the ring seems like it's really taking things apart. Also, Baz's expression here is well-rendered. Just a good time for everyone concerned, this one.

Cyborg #16
Carlos d'Anda
Carlos has been doing a lot of Cyborg like this, it's almost become a series. Sort of like alternate Cyborgs, or maybe interesting studies on the human face. This grotesque offering feels scarier than some of the other works, but that makes it no less compelling. A man is merely the sum of his parts, and some times those parts are spooky.

Superman #30 variant
Jorge Jimenez with Alejandro Sanchez
There's a lot of great rendering here, of both Sinestro and Superman, but really this page's composition wins the day. Clark's red and blue struggling against Thaal's overwhelming yellow almost tells the story within the pages of the book. And somehow the "S" shield at the end of the Superman logo helps to balance the entire thing.

Dastardly and Muttley #1 variant
Liam Sharp
Okay, this one is bananas. A pup in a bomber jacket? Signifying that he's a "hound of war?" And a bomber plane with a dog's face on it? It didn't even have to be so luxuriously drawn and colored, I would have signed on based on the aforementioned elements alone. I want to be this pilot dog's friend.

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