Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Nightwing #28 Review and *SPOILERS*

The Mind of Minos

Written By: Tim Seeley
Art By: Javier Fernandez, Miguel Mendonca, Diana Egea, Chris Sotomayor, Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 6, 2017

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The walk through Spyral Lane continues with this issue after Nightwing, Huntress and the Skull Girls broke into St. Hadrians to find the captured Skull Girl, Lotti, but the rescue didn't go as planned because when we left last issue we saw that the Tiger that Nightwing has been facing in this arc, isn't Tiger at all, but some hard light hologram and it seems now that it's taken Tiger's memories for its own, now it wants our hero's memory as well.  Let's jump into this issue and hopefully end this Spyral nonsense so that we can get back to Bludhaven and Run-Offs.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

First off, if you didn't read the Grayson series, I think a lot of this is going to go over your damn head....... Hell, I read a lot of the Grayson series and I went through this issue seeing a lot of gobbledygook and sci-fi jargon that didn't mean a whole hell of a lot in the long run, but still, I'm going to try to explain this issue as quick and as easy as I can.  

It turns out that Mr. Minos was the person pretending to be Tiger all along in this arc and the one who was selling weapons to Bludhaven as the Second Hand, but all of that and even the death of Giz seems to a way for Mr. Minos to lead Dick Grayson back to his old stomping grounds of St. Hadrians so that he can hook our hero up to a machine so that he can take his memories from him, as he's done to Tiger already.  Thankfully, Huntress and the Skull Girls find the real Lotti, who's been hold up waiting for a rescue and they create a way to infect Mr. Minos with a virus so that it shuts him down, effectively killing the hologram, who was never real to begin with, but a Cadmus project.  

All's well that ends well and we see Huntress and Nightwing head back to Bludhaven, where they have themselves some sexy time, which unfortunately Shawn Tsang sees as she was trying to go to Dick's apartment to apologize so that the two could reconcile.  You see, after DeFacer went and stopped Mouse from killing Roland Desmond, who Mouse blamed for Giz' death, Shawn realized who she really wanted to be, but after watching her ex and sexy ass Huntress go at it, Shawn seems to be pretty upset at the moment.  As our issue closes, we see Tiger trying to call Dick Grayson to tell him that he found out that when Mr. Minos was posing as him, he let Raptor out of captivity.......... which sucks for me because I hate that damn character.

That's it for this issue of Nightwing and while I continue to love all the cut backs to what's going on in Bludhaven with the Run-Offs, I'll be happy if I never see another Spyral story again because Mr. Minos coming out of nowhere and being the bad guy was just fucking out there and the resolution to this arc was just as out there.  While I still don't like Javier Fernandez' art, I did enjoy the parts that Miguel Mendonca did, but all in all, this wasn't an interesting read and was bogged down with nonsense sci-fi talk that was just thrown around all willy nilly to make if feel more important than it was.  

Bits and Pieces:

I'm so happy that this Spyral arc is over because I just want our title character to move on from his previous incarnation and get back to doing the whole superhero thing back in Bludhaven, where the most interesting parts of this issue took place.  Just an over complicated mess of an ending that really didn't do anything but set up a past bad guy to make a return later on.  The art is so-so, but still not my cup o' tea and with all that being said, I still look forward to getting back to more Run-Off stuff next issue.



  1. The ending sorta passed me off. It make Dick come off as a man slut, and totally devalues the relationship between dick & Defacer. Wasn't like 3 or 4 issues ago they where super serious about each other?

  2. Tim seeley made dick a slut..