Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Harley Quinn #27 Review and **SPOILERS**


Babe and Switch

Writer: Frank Tieri 
Artist: Elonora Carlini 
Colors: Hi-Fi 
Letters: Dave Sharpe 
Cover: Jill Thompson 
Cover Price: $2.99 
On Sale Date: September 6, 2017


Okay, something funny is going on…the solicit for this issue on DC Comics’ website became unsearchable until Tuesday, and Amanda Conner hasn’t done the main cover. Is this a Harley Quinn comic from an alternate timeline? Let’s find out, in my review for issue #27, right now!

Explain It!

“Do you ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” droned Sex Pistols’ frontman Johnny Rotten at their last ever show in Texas. On its face, just another snotty statement from the poster child for smug defiance. Yet knowing now about the ministrations of Malcolm McLaren, Sid Vicious’ drug addiction, and other behind-the-scenes hoodwinks and flim flams, we can assume that Johnny was referring to actively being cheated—the performers, the audience, even the music industry, led to perceive a music revolution that was, in fact, a codified and merchandised fashion show borne in the boardrooms of uptight executives.
Of course, there doesn’t need to be a broad conspiracy in order for one to feel cheated. The forgetfulness of a Starbucks barista or brusqueness of a rush hour commuter can leave one feeling bereft of what they deserve. Point is, I don’t think there was any diabolical plot by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner to put out a crappy issue of Harley Quinn. I think they genuinely needed a breather from this grueling twice-monthly shipping schedule and the burden of dangling plotlines. Thing is, you don’t make the situation better by vacating the premises. And it becomes exponentially worse when you barf out a fill-in issue that is a slap in the face to dedicated readers.
Our Frank Tieri-penned story begins with Harley being overly violent at Roller Derby, something we haven’t seen her do in months. The crux of the story is about the Penguin opening an Iceberg Lounge annex in Coney Island, and this will obviously force Harley and her pals out. After some back and forth between the two, which includes some pretty funny antics involving some monster penguins running amok in Coney Island, Harley gets Cobblepot to drop his real estate venture by frightening him…with a hologram of the Joker projected by Sy Borgman. Is that the laziest “out” ever? It’s like something you would see in a Golden Age Superman tale. “Luckily, I have Vita-ray X that can solve every problem presented in this story. So long kids! Eat your vegetables!”
And then, to heap even more crap on this shit sandwich, there’s a whole in-joke epilogue that explains why we were given the middle finger on this issue. It doesn’t make the comic book any better, and it only highlights the fact that this series is dangling so many threads, it looks like a prayer shawl. The cover for this is terrible and looks like it was done while on the phone. The interiors…are okay. Not the normal style for this series, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t love it personally, but it’s well-rendered and everything is clearly plotted, so I can’t complain about the mechanical components of this comic book. It’s the story that sucks.

Bits and Pieces:

It's a fill-in issue, and a particularly poor one, at that. We might have done better to get a prequel issue, because pausing several extant storylines for this feels like an affront. If you're following this series, I suggest you avoid this issue because it is meaningless.


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