Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Justice League #28 Review

Future Imperfect

Written by: Bryan Hitch
Art by: Fernando Pasarin, Batt, Brad Anderson, Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 6, 2017

While I haven't been the biggest fan of Bryan Hitch's Justice League run, I have enjoyed this Legacy story that he is ending with.  It's all about the future children of the Justice League who I really like and while I don't think it will happen, I wish we'd get more of them in the future.  This issue continues the story, but does it continue the fun?  Let's find out...

The issue opens on the Kent Farm and while I was hoping the story would be updated a bit to follow the current continuity, I guess this is what Hitch is going with.  While he goes as far as saying the Kent's would still be living there in 10 years, the scene with Hunter eating with Clark, Lois and Jon was nice.  I love how happy Jon is even as Hitch hints at an even darker future for everyone including Damian.

When Jon and Hunter leave the kitchen, Clark confides with Lois that he is worried that the Justice League is indeed the reason the future is so messed up, but Lois convinces reminds him that Superman can fix things like that and for a moment, it seems that everything might be okay after all.  After a little bit with Mera and Serenity which seemed included just so all the kids have some face time, we head off to one of the highlights of the book...Cube and Cyborg.

Actually, Silas is there with them too and it's great to see the differences in the generations of Stones as Silas is enthralled with Cube's DNA/Tech until Cyborg reminds him it is his grandson with them.  Cube seems to go against the basic rules of time travel, but it's a really good scene only made better with Cube's explanation of how it was to live in a destroyed world with no tech.  Before this scene, I would have told you that Cube was my least favorite of the kids, but now he is climbing the ladder.

My favorite is up next...Cruise!  I love her so much and I'm guessing that Hitch feels the same because he seems to have a lot of fun writing her.  Her and Barry have a great back and forth about who is faster and while that is awesome, the best part of the book is when Jess, Barry and Cruise look in on the sleeping Twins and they are glowing blue.  I won't spoil the scene by giving a full play-by-play, but to me, it is the best scene Hitch has ever written.  It isn't huge or earth shattering, it is simple and great!

We then head off to Midway City to see Simon and Steve Trevor trying to figure out what the hell happened there.  It's a scene that does push the overall story forward, but it kind of brings the issue to a screeching halt.  I really just want to see the kids interact with their parents at this point.

Back on the Kent Farm, Hunter and Clark talk about how things are going to be and Clark insists on knowing what happens to Jon.  The answer isn't a big surprise, but it really feels like this is the thing that Clark needed to hear to make sure he changed things going forward.

The issue continues with Diana up in the Watchtower going over the footage of the Kindred attack and especially what they said to her during it.  It's a really good callback and while I am sick and tired of Diana talking about the "truth" and the "lies" in her life, this was another good scene for those who have been reading this book since Rebirth started.  

The issue ends with Diana coming to a conclusion just as Cube and Hunter figure out what they have to do to stop it.  Again, it isn't a shocker (Me and Eric guessed at it almost immediately), but it sets up a hell of a cliffhanger and next issue.

Yep, I really liked another issue of Justice League!  It's all about the kids who I love, but the Hitch is also tying in and tying up a bunch of story threads in a way that I was not sure he could do.  Kudos to him for finishing up his run strong!  Justice League has suddenly become a book I look forward to.  On a side note, why have a cover with a kick ass future Aquaman, but nothing continuing from last issue's cliffhanger?

I have to admit something...I was so into the story this issue that I didn't actually take notice of the art during my initial read through.  However, on a second glance through I can assure you that Fernando Pasarin did a fine job as well as the whole team including party crashing Comicraft's Jimmy!

Bits and Pieces:

Bryan Hitch continues making me wonder where this version of him has been for a year.  I am really digging this Legacy story and am so glad to be enjoying the Justice League again!



  1. If Hitch would have placed more down issues like this throughout his whole run. It could have been pretty damn good. But he just killed his whole idea of a story with the pacing he tried to maintain.

  2. Okay I am convinced, someone else is writing this story in Hith' s place. This is actually a cohesive story with heart felt moments in it.

  3. Yet another misleading issue Summary! I expected to see evil Arthur Curry kicking ass but he wasn't even in the issue grrr.

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  5. Was anyone else confused by the cover? Aquaman wasn't even remotely part of this issue but he's featured on the cover with the words "Aquaman is back from the future... and he's taking no prisoners!" While I know that covers often take some license/exaggeration on the story, this one seems way out of left field.

    1. he was probably going to be in the issue since he seemed to gut Batman at the end of last for the cliffhanger...but sadly, he was not. It will no doubt pick up that storyline next issue though

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