Thursday, September 21, 2017

Gotham City Garage #3 Review

Gotham City Garage #3

Writer: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing
Art Team: Kelly Fitzpatrick, Lynne Yoshii
DC Comics Digital First
Release Date: September 20, 2017
Cover Price: $.99

Hard Learnin’ & Ridin'

Gotham City Garage has returned for (digital) issue three. I for one have loved this series so far while being very intrigued by the world being built here. The majority of our focus at the start has been on the character Kara Gordon, Supergirl, as she discovers the world outside her former bubble of a home she was trapped in. Surprisingly after all that we find the focus this issue has changed to Big Barda’s point of view. So what does that do for the books enjoyment level, does it help establish this world even further … find out inside.

As I said in the intro, our issue begins with Barda narrating the story this time, as shes laying in bed going over old memories. The scene changes, while the narration continues, and we discover she’s not in the mood to be dragging Kara around on missions just yet, especially while it looks like she has yet to master how to ‘ride’. Despite Barda’s initially hesitations the team decides Kara needs to learn to pull her weight, letting the rookie tag along, and they head off to plan a heist.

The group heads off, with Supergirl who asks when Wonder Woman will come around to say “hi”. We discover here the rest of the crew only knows her as myth, which is an interesting twist to the story, dating back to issue #1.  The crew of Banshee, Barda, and Supergirl see their mark, a truck filled with spare parts to keep ‘riding’, and they head off right into a game of chicken, and a new group of baddies that hangs out in this ‘Freescape’ … the Red Hood M.C. (Motorcycle Club … for those not down with biker lingo).

Supergirl immediately breaks rank from the pack, catching up to the truck everyone’s after, tossing the driver out, all while the others fend off who they can to the best of their abilities. The truck driven by Supergirl quickly becomes infested with Red Hoods, forcing Barda into action using a Mega Rod to assist her rushing into something she's not prepared to deal with.

The fighting continues to the point Supergirl has to bail from the truck, forcing Barda to save her. The issue begins its conclusion as the pair of heroes commandeer a bike, from one of the Red Hoods nearby, and continue their chase after this truck in the Valley of Clay, a space they really shouldn't be entering, as our issue concludes.    

To sum things up, there was an initial shock with the charge in perspective which was rather jarring to me especially so quickly into the series. This feels true even more so when coupled with an art change, that I feel doesn't suit the stories tone as strongly as the previous artists did. However despite my initial shock, I still enjoyed the story being told here and the art as well, in an action heavy issue, which also spotlights thoughts from Barda’s point of view this time. Not as strong as the start to the series, but still filled with fun reveals, and continues to intrigue me going forward.

Bits and Pieces

Gotham Garage #3 is a fun action heavy issue that continues to unravel this world we’re being introduced to in fun ways. There's changes here in the point of view the stories being told from, and artistically, that may throw people off who’ve read from the start, but the book remains strong regardless.


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