Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Injustice 2 #24 Review

Injustice 2 #24

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Rex Lokus
DC Comics
Release Date: September 19, 2017
Cover Price: $.99

Ra’s Al Ghul’s Moving Day

I'm not sure how many keep up with me, keeping up with Injustice 2 every Tuesday, but welcome back to the regulars.  To those that read the hard copy, whenever it releases, I don't quite get how you have such patience knowing the story is out there.  However you consume your Injustice comic is fine with me I'm just here to fill you in on the latest chapter, twenty-four, so let's check it out Tom Taylor’s latest mini-masterpiece.

Our issue picks up from last chapters giant explosion in Ra’s Sanctuary, after the Blue Beetle and El Diablo incident during the fight, when they mixed powers that went boom boom. We open to discover the ‘Plastic Men’ we’re able to save almost everyone, except the endangered species in this safe haven, the remnants of what used to be infuriate Ra’s and his team.  A bombshell is dropped on Batman among all the chaos, as Ra’s, now berating Batman, reveals Athanasia is really the Bat’s daughter.  

We take a break from the Sanctuary, checking back in on Washington DC. Now, I've always wondered why they keep going back to this Inauguration scene, and building tension here, the payoff finally comes.  Its revealed Aqualad has really been working for Ra’s, and at this point wades his way into the water of the Washington Monument, telling Steel to stay in the sky. Aqualad summons the water to flood the Inauguration area and drowns the President, and many others, as Steel is just out of reach to help!

Back at the flaming ruins of Ra’s Sanctuary, Ra’s himself tells Batman, to take everything he came for and get the hell out of his face.  Sensing something is off, Batman questions Ra’s about what he has done in response to the actions that occurred in his Sanctuary.  The two shift blame for actions back and forth before Ra’s storms off demanding if anyone on Batman’s side gets in his way again they will die.

The ending wraps up by introducing us to Ra’s and crews back up base location. He we see and a secret someone, who has been working on a secret something, just not entirely at a speed to his masters liking.  As always a great ending to another satisfying chapter.

Overall, this chapter delivered me personally what I've been asking for, for a couple of weeks, moving on from this area of the chessboard which was Ra’s Sanctuary.  While the events weren't really wrapped up in a wholly satisfying way between the two parties, it leads to new possibilities in the future that intrigue me going forward, especially with the cliffhanger this week. The art team continues its flawless work on the series making each issue well worth what you pay to read it, coupled with Taylor's writing its a nice little treat every week.

Bits and Pieces

Injustice 2 Chapter 24 wraps up the saga in Ra’s Sanctuary and moves the story forward setting up a new conflict and enemies from here. The art continues to be consistently amazing making this a must buy each week for me digitally.


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  1. As much as I enjoyed this Ra's arc I'm looking forward to seeing where Taylor brings us next, I'd love to see some Green Lantern action!