Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Justice League #29 Review

A League of Trouble

Written by: Bryan Hitch
Art by: Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert, Andy Owens, Brad Anderson, Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: September 20, 2017

I have really been impressed with this last story that Bryan Hitch is giving us before riding off into the sunset.  While some have bemoaned the lack of action, I have loved the interactions of these sons and daughters of the Justice League and can't get enough of just them.  However, I realize that we do need some action and also realize that it's probably happening in this issue, especially with how the last one ended.  So, does this issue continue Hitch's hot streak?  Let's find out...

The issue opens up with Clark asking Lois if he's seen Hunter and while they have no idea where he is, we sure do.  We ended last issue with him and Cube deciding it was time to kill Wonder Woman and stop the madness before it even stops.  We don't head to them just yet, however, as Old Man Aquaman booms into the Kent's kitchen and goes ham on Superman using stolen Batman tech and not even a very heroic Lois can stop Arthur from leaving with a very hurt and passed out Superman. For all those that complained about last issue's total lack of Aquaman (except for the deceiving cover), this ones for you.  Best part is, it isn't the last.

We then head off to Nova Scotia where Wonder Woman is investigating the scene where she faced the Kindred.  We get a tiny bit of new information from Genie, but the scene is mostly the setup of the Wonder Woman vs the Kids battle royale.  After the kids debate what they should do, it's on and it's fast paced and action packed.

The only thing I thought that was off here was Hitch not exploring the idea of what would happen to Hunter if he kills his mother in the past.  Maybe the kids have no idea what sort of paradox that could create, but to not even address is felt off.

Back at the Kent Farm, Batman shows up and helps Lois while Aquaman rips through the rest of the League, grabbing each of them and taking them into similar portals as he did with Superman.  While I love the tough Lois in this issue, having her yell at Batman about something that we all know about (and most love) felt a bit forced.

After seeing a little more of Simon and Steve Trevor in Midway City, it's back to the Wonder Woman/Kids fight until Cube Boomtubes them to...Midway City.  Cube explains that something messed with the Boomtube and we can only assume that Old Man Aquaman had a hand in it.

After all the mysterious word bubbles coming from the "Darkness" that consumed Midway City, it's no surprise that Simon lets the worst thing possible happen and it's the beginning of a horrible self fulfilling prophecy.

The issue ends with a very nice scene between Dory and Mera and then a really bad scene with those two, Aquaman and the (re)introduction of a really big bad.  I am still holding out hope that Arthur ends up the hero of the story, but things will have to twist and turn to make that happen.

For those wishing for more action, here it is.  I liked it, but I really loved the quieter moments we got with the kids in the previous issues.  Still, I liked what we got here and Bryan Hitch continues writing a story I really can'f find any fault with.  Besides that, I'm having a real good time!

Fernando Pasarin and the entire art team keep getting better with every issue of this arc.  I know some people have problems with Pasarin's faces and while Lois looks a bit off, everything else looks great.  I especially liked the carious action scenes.

Bits and Pieces:

The Legacy arc continues to impress me and for those that have yearned for more action, this may be the issue that wins you over as well.  The art, story and action scenes are really good this week and the cliffhanger sets up more for next issue.  I know I will be back and I suggest that anyone who dropped this book earlier, come back for this arc.  



  1. I'm going play continuity kid for a minute and say there bullshit this issue that don't make sense. Batman should be royally f@#$ed up after fighting future Aquaman, about as messed up as superman and flash this issue. Hitch must really think Batman is a metahuman because there no other explanation for his recovery. Hitch shouldn't have rushed the confrontation with wonder woman so fast, at this rate this arc will probably be done in about 2 issues.

    1. Batman should be hur, but he had a whole issue to recover lol

    2. Back in the day Marvel use to give out a "No-Prize" when readers caught things like that.

    3. lol...we will give out a "Know-Prize"

  2. One issue for recovery, isn't even a whole day Jim. But let's say it is, scratches, no Bruises, No wadded up Tissue in his broken nose! Lol, Batman must have the worlds best first aid kit on his utility belt, right next to his shark repelent.

  3. My question isn't the fact that Batman is apparently fine in this issue, rather why did Future!Aquaman not kidnap him like he did Cyborg, Supes, and I assume everyone else. If there is anyone that I'd want locked up and sealed away when I'm trying to pull some shit, it's Batman! That being said, I really liked this issue. I liked the fact that Wondy was kicking the future children's asses on her own and I'm intrigued to see what happened to her. I do agree with Anthony that this could have been paced better, but fuck, this is honestly the best pacing we've gotten for Justice League yet. Where was this Bryan Hitch a year ago? 8/10

    1. my guess is either he thought he was dead or Batman didn't do anything wrong in the future to make things bad...Aquaman says that he is taking Supes because of what he messes up in the future.

      I may have been one of the biggest Hitch haters until this arc, but I am so glad I am enjoying his last story.

  4. Hope Hitch can wrap up this arc as solid as it's been so far so at least we'll have one good arc to look back on for his run!