Monday, September 18, 2017

Secret Empire: Omega #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Secret Empire: Omega #1

Writer: Nick Spencer
Art Team: Andrea Sorrentino, Joe Bennett w/ Joe Pimentel,
Scott Hanna, Rachelle Rosenberg
Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 13, 2017
Cover Price: $4.99

Save Your Money Empire Omega

Who's in the mood to beat a dead horse back to life? Nick Spencer & Marvel that's who, all in an attempt to get $5 more dollars from everyone, as we’re treated to an Epilogue that really doesn't do much of anything or go anywhere interesting in particular. So sit back and soak up Secret Empire Omega #1 ... and there better never be a #2.

Our conclusion starts with a hoodied Captain America, sneaking into a secret prison called the Shadow Pillar, just off American soil. My favorite page of art, is right there on page 2 showing the path Cap takes into the prison, but other than that after this event and Old Man Logan, Im very tired of Sorrentio’s style as a whole.  We discover this place is now home to just one prisoner, Stevil Rodgers, as Good Cap confronts the doppelganger, after taking everyone out … and possibly removing someone eyeball?

No meeting room, no bars between them, just face to face talking about politics between two Captain America’s for the majority of the issue from here on out. Ring the bell and give everyone 3 min to answer the questions because now begins the political debate that had me begging to get out of this issue ASAP!  This is a Nick Spencer wet dream, essentially debating semantics and politics with himself, only if he was drawn as two Captain America’s. The debate boils down to Stevil stating he did nothing wrong, and emphasizing how rules suck, people did this themselves. Good Cap really doesn't say much to start that makes you think otherwise.

From there we see funeral scenes for Black Widow, which is then quickly thrown out the window and all emotional impact vanishes, as we discover Bucky believes none of this nonsense about her death, and is apparently hunting her down.  Lasting impact for this event my ass.

Back to Hydra Cap, he continues to babble on, and on, and on about how his world was beautiful in Hydra’s image, that people got a taste of it, and will remember it when things get tough again, and beg for it back.

Checking in at New Tian, the California part of the US, we see the area, as it starts transitioning back to just a normal state again, and away from being the Mutant safe heaven it was during Hydra’s rule. Emma looks on reminiscing about a fleeting moment of victory for the mutants in a world now lost.  Nick Spencer continues Marvel’s character assassination of Beast, who has now transitioned into a full on dirtbag, basically lamenting how the mutants have to rejoin normal people in society now. These two graciously decide to let things go back to normal after a brief moment of considering fighting back.

We get more philosophical debate garbage between the two Caps again, before peeking in on the Punisher, who is now hunting Hydra agents instead of working as one. Nick Fury Jr. looks on stating “he is now ready” … which is alluding to the Punisher’s upcoming transition into the War Machine armor I'm guessing.

Back to the Caps, I told you it was half the book, Steve finally gets his turn to talk without being interrupted by douche bag Cap. Steve reveals the mistrust the people have for him since he's returned, sharing a story about trying to help a little boy, who shuttered when he reached to help him. Good Steve spills more beans, finally revealing the reason he came here, he wanted to “look the man in the eyes who took all he worked for from me.”  As Steve leaves he understands this “fighting Nazi’s” thing is a never ending battle he will fight forever and he will be ready.

The book concludes with a team coming to investigate the break in at the prison by Good Cap. As the team of guards finally gets in position they only find Hydra Cap left alone in his cell.  The guards move in on him, as one whispers … you guessed it, “Hail Hydra”, in Steve's ear.

Dear God, Nick Spencer, and Marvel please kill this idea as quickly as possible, light it on fire in an office garbage can, and bury that garbage can in whatever grassy patch you can find by your corporate headquarters, wherever that may be.  

Overall, I was done with this concept when it meandered, and went nowhere with nothing to say, in the middle issue, and this Omega issue did nothing to change my mind about any of those thoughts, only emphasizing them to be honest. SE: Omega does nothing more than set all the pieces back in place, to be played with again like nothing of importance happened. The one final Hail Hydra to end this book does nothing but add just enough gasoline to a dying fire, to keep a flaming bag of crap burning for one more day down the line, sometime Marvel needs another self important press clipping. There’s no redeeming value in this book, even the art is tired and boring, you're better off spending your money on literally anything else you might consider entertaining.

Bits and Pieces

Any lasting effect of Secret Empire is wiped out until an infuriating cliffhanger that anyone with a brain saw coming. There’s no redeeming value in this book, this is an exercise in pointless event excess to the highest degree, even the artists are bored.



  1. I completely agree with this review. I didn't order this book, but it ended up in my subs because I foolishly paid for the whole main Secret Empire series when I SHOULD have just quit after issue 2 or 3. . .but I kept Omega because "in for a penny, in for a pound". The only thing I really disagree with here is on the art. I really like this artist's dark and scratchy style. . .but it's probably not the best choice for this series. It would be great for something like Punisher, Daredevil, or Moon Knight, though. Something gritty and full of shadows. That said, thank God it's over and I want my Fu$%!ng money back!

    1. Thanks for reading ... I read Old Man Logan too and its just identical to the layouts and stuff he would do there, so its def. a personal issue I have right now, after too much exposure. In for a Penny In for a Pound happens to the best of us lol.