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Daredevil #28 Review - Marvel Monday

Into The Jaws of The Beast

Writer: Charles SouleArtist: Ron GarneyCover Price: $3.99Release Date: October 25, 2017Review by: Aaron Anderson

We return to China for the rap up of the not so Blind(anymore)Spot arc. Daredevil was just been handed over to The Beast for consumption. Let's find out how he tastes.

We open to the cliffhanger of last issue. Blindspot telling Daredevil he gave The Beast Daredevil's soul.

Right off the bat this bothers me. How does Blindspot give The Beast Daredevil's soul? I could see him saying he captured DD and gave him to The Beast, but giving him DD's soul needs some explaining. Which we never get. Just like we never get the explanation of how was Tenfingers in China being tortured? When we saw him dismembered and dead at the end of issue 5 almost 7 months ago. We also in my opinion don't get a credible explanation to why Blindspot would sacrifice Daredevil's soul for his mother's. 

I know that sounds like a given, she is Sam's mother. But in this story that Soule has laid out they have not been exactly close. Sam fought for her in the opening arc because he knew Tenfingers was evil and his mother was blindly following him. When the cards were all laid on the table she did end up saving Sam by stabbing her teammates in the back. But she also told him that his mother was dead now and to forget about her. Then, when Muse poked Sam's eyes out. She took Sam to China to exchange her soul for Sam's new eyeballs making a hero's choice in a sense.

But that doesn't really establish a bond or closeness of a relationship between a boy and his mother, and is never really established in my opinion through out Soule's whole run.

In order for Lu Wei to make all the sacrifices she has made in life to get her son out of the farm fields, into the big city, and then to America she would have had to work her ass off. She sent Sam off to an academy even. Just so she could work harder to afford to move to America. Neither Sam or his mother even ask how the daughter , who is still in America, is doing. The family dynamic for me to believe that Sam (a hero) is going to sacrifice another hero's soul for his mother's (a villain) is just not there for me. Soule tries to explain it off with a line from Blindspot.

Blindspot says, "Sorry I must have been here to long--sunk into all this darkness", but that just fails to explain it well enough in my opinion.
Soap box over. Now back to what happens in this comic.

Daredevil meets The Beast. The Beast opens his mouth and this black ooze flies out, and forms into another creature. It speaks for The Beast. It is called The Tongue of The Beast. It tells DD that The Beast owns Daredevil. Daredevil tries saying HE didn't give his soul up, but he is cut off by The Tongue. Who says DD is one of the biggest enemies of The Hand. The Beast touches DD's head making DD's pain go away. Daredevil breaks loose and starts fighting with The Hand, but this is what The Beast wants. He wants DD to fight so he can heal him after his grueling defeat. Just so he can watch it happen over and over and over again, because Daredevil never gives up.

When Murdocks gets knocked down they always gets back up. It's what Murdocks are known for.

While this is happening Sam and his mother are leaving the temple scot-free with their powers. Which I'm not entirely sure what those are. She has eight fingers on each hand and fights well. She also shoots a lot of arrows at one time. Blindspot , well he can see again and his new eyeballs are the color of the Fremen's from the book Dune. He doesn't have his cloaking suit so he is essentially powerless. After a short conversion with his mother where she wants to continue getting the F out of there, Sam has a crisis of conscience and goes back for Daredevil.

Daredevil is on his third resurrection by the time Blindspot arrives to help. Sam stabs a Fist in the back killing it. I thought those Fist guys were rare because The Hand has to sacrifice a hundred soldiers to make just one Fist, but evidently they are just as easy to make as they are to kill. You can strangle it to death or just run right up and stab it. What I'm trying to say is a hundred Hand foot soldiers are more intimidating in my opinion.

The Tongue screams OATH BREAKER at Blindspot as he joins Daredevil to fight along side him. The Tongue is then shot with six arrows apparently killing it, but not killing The Beast's ability to speak. The arrows come from Lu Wei, Sam's mother. She tells them to run. As Sam and Matt take off so does The Beast. That fat monster can move quick. Before anyone notices he has Lu Wei for dinner. Which really devastates Sam...I guess.

Then everything disappears, no seriously the temple just disappears. Sam's mother is dead. Sam still has his eyes. Daredevil I guess still has his soul and yeah next thing we know Sam and Matt are have tea and a SJW moment. Matt gets Sam an asylum claim so Sam can get back to the states legally. And, our cliffhanger is Wilson Fisk is now the mayor of New York City in a matter of days...WTF?

Bits and Pieces:

I didn't hate this issue. Just because Blindspot is back in the states with Daredevil. I didn't like this issue though, because this three issue arc just turned out to be a forced way to give Blindspot his eyesight back and to give him legal status in the U.S. Sam should have showed some care for his sister but he only cares about his villainous mother...Sad.


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