Saturday, November 4, 2017

Crosswind #5 Review

Wind of Change

Written by: Gail Simone 
Art by: Cat Staggs 
Publisher: Image 
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 1, 2017
Review by: Andrew McAvoy

I loved Gail Simone's writing in last issue of Crosswind. In fact love was too weak a word for how I felt about it, I lurved it, I loaved it, I luffed it...two Fs. Okay, that was just a Woody Allen joke for laffs (two Fs) so lets see what issue 5 had to offer. 

Hmmm. I think my love affair with this book has went a bit luke warm. I still like the concept, but as I mentioned in my last review I'm not the biggest fan of Staggs' art in this title which I think is too muddy and dark. This issue sees quite a lot of blood red deployed but it still doesn't brighten it up. Simone's play with the two leads, Juniper Elanore Blue and Cason Ray Bennet, is lacking some spark as well this issue.

What was a good idea, and what was fun at the start of this series, has now been over-cooked a little. This issue is a bit repetitive in relation to what has went before. Of the two body-swap scenarios Cason inhabiting Juniper's body is by far and away the more intriguing story. In this issue we see how Juniper's husband finally gets what's been coming to him. In light of the last few week's headlines the sight of him getting handled properly does pack an added bit of punch.

The other dimension to the story - Juniper in Cason's body - is less successful and I'm now a bit tired of this aspect, which has just as much potential. Put simply I'm tired of the dance that is being played out with Mr Randolph and his goons. There are some intriguing details provided in the back story for Mr Vox here, and that sparks a bit of interest. On the whole though, it was less enjoyable, and seems to make less of the potential insight seen in the opposite scenario played out in this book.

Bits and Pieces

This is a great title, and a great idea. This isn't a strong issue, and given that I don't care for the art the dip in the writing here, has led to this installment failing to reach the heights of the rest of the arc. It's a poor issue, but I'm still on board for the next one.


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