Monday, October 30, 2017

X-Men: Blue #14 Review - Marvel Monday

X-Men Blue #14

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art Team: Jorge Molina, Matt Milla & Guru-Fx
Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 25, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Ruining the Mojo

Mojo, the the big ugly green guy from X-Men lore, who runs an endless TV broadcast, has the X-Men split up in fights from different points in their history, battling for their lives. As we jump just past the halfway point of this crossover, let's see if he has any bigger plans in mind beyond just having the X-Teams continuing his Truman Show charade, and potentially killing the team off one at a time. Because that just doesn't sound right so let's see what else is up with Mojo.

The issue begins with people/citizens of Earth upset their Mojo world broadcast has been interrupted by a news report trying to inform them of what's up. Mojo gets control back and we check back in on events of the X-Men both in the book and on TV. The ol’ Romans keep em entertained trick, pretty clever Mojo.

We check in on Colossus, Jimmy, Jean, and Beast fighting off the Brood looking creatures, among others, for what seems to be endlessly, they even mention they’re in a spawn point like Call of Duty themselves. Jean ends up taking a stab from behind forcing Nightcrawler and Jimmy to spring and get her to safety.

Back to Mojo, he starts dropping more of his golden antenna that attract and trap X-Men on Earth, this time with Magnetto, Danger, and Polaris joining the fun. They’re sent off to a simulation of the Mutant Massacre to face off with some Morlocks.

Team 1 of: Rachel Summers, Longshot, Scott Summers, and Kitty Pryde continue their fight reliving Avengers v X-Men battles against the old school Avengers. Longshot rigs a camera looking thing to teleport the team out of this area and also out of Mojos reach for the time being.
This obviously makes Mojo unpleased and he increases the difficulty on the rest of the the teams. Leaving Magneto and company to fight Apocalypse on the Mike Tyson Punch Out level difficulty.

Beast and company are now cornered, which gives Beast the bright idea to use some magic to try to get the team out of dodge unscathed. It momentarily turns him into a Dark Beast looking goat dude before Longshot interrupts, i think, and then they’re all inside Mojo headquarters, again I think. Also Beast no longer hairy anymore, a temporary effect from using his magic.

The teams stumble upon a room where all the members previously thought killed in Mojoverse were just frozen in stasis and quickly free them. Now, all together once again, the team walks down a hall to discover they are deep in the heart of Mojoworld and out of their previous simulations now.

Mojo looks on taunting the team as he continues to litter NYC with pillars terraforming the surrounds to look just like Mojo world! Dun dun dun to be continued.

Overall, this was an action heavy, and decent, issue of X-Men: Blue, which is trudging on thru the middle of a crossover type story. If you’ve enjoyed the previous Mojo World issues you will probably like what you're getting here and if you haven't there’s nothing new here to convince you otherwise.  The characters coming back so soon after “death” personally for me takes a lot of the stakes out of this book so I'll sit this one out and wait for the next story line to pick up, but overall not a horrible issue there's fun to be had.

Bits and Pieces

X-Men: Blue delivers a run of the mill issue giving us more of the same we’ve seen from Mojo in the previous issues of this crossover.  Not bad but nothing I'd run to the comic store to pick up.


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