Thursday, November 2, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 11/1/17

Two Greens and a White

Some great DC Comics that came out this week, but there were even more great covers! That's because a lot of them come with alternate versions! "Variants," the kids call them, though that implies an incentivized ordering system. Anyhow, here's a list of the five best covers of the week--plus an Honorable Mention! Because I love bestowing honors as much as possible!

Bane: Conquest #7
Graham Nolan
You knew I had to show this one some love, with the dialogue balloons in it and everything. A burst balloon, no less! That the series logo looks like it's been rendered by Graham Nolan brings this whole image together for a piece that is suitable for framing.

Nightwing #32
Javi Fernandez
I came for the crucifixion imagery, but stayed for the excellent color and composition. The echo of the series logo in the signage, the contrasted coloring of Nightwing and Raptor's costumes, it all looks very cool.

Green Lanterns #34 variant
Brandon Peterson
 "You like duotones, do you? Well how about THE STARKEST DUOTONE IN THE WORLD?!" I love this cover, it's very expressive and dynamic, yet so very simple. Plus, it doesn't look like someone barfed a sack of Photoshop filters all over this image.

Superman #34
Patrick Gleason
How about Lois Lane in an awesome costume? Yeah, that works for me. This is Lois Lane as Big Barda. And that "LL" shield on the front? Love it. This is the Justice League movie variant for this issue, so if there's no Lois Lane Barda in the movie I'm asking for my money back.

Batman: White Knight #2
Sean Murphy with Matt Hollingsworth
Here's a cover that I had to do a triple-take on, because at first blush it really isn't much. But the image of Joker at the Batman fanboy altar is so great, embedded within the body of Batman, it evokes some classic Bronze Age covers that, themselves, paid homage to Golden Age covers. Sean Murphy, he draws well. That's about the size of it.

Green Arrow #34
Jamal Campbell
It's been a while since Green Arrow was in the #1 slot, but this one is so colorful and dynamic that I had to give it props. Not much to say about it other than it's an amazing image. Well, I guess I could say that the type used for "At the Mercy of Merlyn!" sucks.

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