Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Flash #38 Review

Cold Shot

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Scott Kolins, Hi-Fi, and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 10, 2018

The Flash has really picked up the pace lately and that's not just a half assed attempt at a pun.  Since Rebirth, Joshua Williamson's best work has been outside the normal run of Flash, while this book kind of spun it's wheels because of that.  Recently, however, he has brought his game to his main book and it's been pretty fun.  It doesn't hurt that the Rogues are back, but I still worry they might fizzle out like the last time we saw them.  So, does this issue continue letting the good times roll?  Let's find out...

The issue starts with a little sad sack Barry, but it's only inner monologue and gives way to something better...Barry getting the shit kicked out of him by Captain Cold.  Last issue ended with what looked like Rogue's Fight Club (the first rule of...) and that's just what it is!

Scott Kolins's art gives it a nice classic feel as the Rogues hoot and holler at Cold's viscious punches...until August pulls the switcheroo that I hoped for and shuts of the absolute zero freeze that was stacking the playing field against the Flash.  After Flash makes quick work of the bad guys, he is off to save Kid Flash and Copperhead.  Yea, the bad gal was setup by the Rogues and it's up to Barry to save the day.

We get a little hint that Cooperhead was just a pawn to the real threat in Central City (Meena possibly?) before heading back to Iron Heights where Wolfe is fit to be tied.  When Barry and Singh show up and pin Turbine's murder on Captain Cold I was a little upset too.  I like the Rogues because of their code and this kind of takes the fun out of least for now.

After Kristen defends Wolfe and somehow saves his job (???), they get chummy while Barry heads off to visit August.  This part was nice and while it didn't totally redeem August, it did a little showed that he is a nice guy who does care about Barry even if things between them got totally messed up.

The issue ends with Captain Cold being taken to a new prison (that already has a Captain in residence), Kristen revealing how sneaky she is and Barry looking for forgiveness from the grave, but also with someone that made me smile.

This was a good issue of the Flash and continued what I said in my intro paragraph above.  Williamson seems to finally have a better grip on his lead, but also is putting some really good characters in fun and interesting situations around him.  While the book seemed to be stuck running in place before, this new approach makes it fun to just be along for the ride whether we are getting heavy doses of story or not.  Plus this issue sets up some really cool things that I can't wait to see play out in the future.

I liked Scott Kolins art in this issue a lot.  It had an old school feel (which I already said above) that worked so well with the Rogues being in the issue.  This book has gone through a slew of artists and while I can't wait to see Howard Porter's art in the Flash War, I will not complain if Kolins is on the book again.

Bits and Pieces:

This was a really fun issue of the Flash that ties up some loose ends, but more importantly, makes me look forward to everything it sets up.  Joshua Williamson gives long time readers some nice character moments that culminates with the promise of something most have been waiting a while to see.  Scot Kolins art has a nice, old school appeal that fits the story nicely and while it may not be a great jumping on point for new readers, I can easily recommend it to those who have stucked with the series or recently droped off.



  1. I love that they have Scott Kolins and Howard Porter doing Flash work again, I loved their work on the Geoff Johns run.

  2. I really hated the art, but this was easily the best end of an arc that Flash has had. I think the hologram explanation was a little too hand wavy, but overall it was nice for the book to finally stick a landing.

  3. Nothing against Scott Kolins but I want more Porter. Howard P does the best Flash art and is fraking perfect for The Flash book.