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Guardians of the Galaxy #150 Review - Marvel Monday

Guardians of the Galaxy #150 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Art Team: Aaron Kuder & Marcus To, Ian Herring
Marvel Comics
Release Date: January 3, 2018
Cover Price: $4.99

War(lock) What Is It Good For?

This is the final issue of the guardians of the galaxy but fear no the Guardians won't be gone for long. So what are our slightly different from the movies ragtag group of heroes be doing in this finale? Guarding infinity stones, fighting Raptors, and a quitting member? Oh My. Let’s check out the simultaneous final issue and prelude to the hunt for the stone right now.

The issue begins with the cover character Adam Warlock, possibly remembering versions of the past, while wandering through an empty abyss. What he initially thinks is a beautiful sight quickly turns dark when he's told hes witnessing destruction. He is told “the Clash of the Stones is upon us and Time has no meaning”. Just then he wakes up in a bed of his, pissed at another nightmare, punches the mirror in front of him, and reveals another vast desert area to wander through. Warlock can now make sense of things: He is dead, back in soul world, and wants to be free … he takes his stuff heading out.

A group of Raptors disguised as Nova Corps men prepare to attack the remaining members sensing now they are weak. Upon opening their door to begin however they are the ones attacked by the Guardians, still also in Nova gear, and we get a whole Nova vs Nova/Raptor fight breaking out that can be mildly confusing to follow. Drax, who trying to refrain from killing accidentally kills someone. Rocket heads to the outside and starts taking down attacking forces with Nova powers. And Ant Man steps up big time sensing trouble, being sent through a beam of light into the Raptors main ship, as he expands to Giant Man size to blow it to smithereens. (FAVORITE SCENE OF THE BOOK)

Rocket rescues a passed out Scott Lang bringing him to safety. As a final traitor awaits, contacting the Raptor leader, before he's quickly beheaded by Gamora and his life ends too. Rich Rider Nova arrives answering the distress call but most of the battling is already done. He brings news about a Teleferica which is where the Old Man Gardener is building a Groot Army affecting Baby Groots abilities. The rest of the team tries to decide where to head next, and Peter decides first help Teleferina before they start hunting down stones.

The big reveal here is Drax reveals he can't continue on with the Guardians, because of his new beliefs. Peter accepts his decision but first wants to show Drax something that might give him a more direct purpose and fulfill his mission not to kill. He takes him to a Giant Version of the Power Stone, Peters discovered, but not revealed to anyone else, here Drax will guard the stone and keep it safe.

During all the fighting however the Nova signal was hacked and a lady named Talinda supposed his info on where the Power Stone Peter is hiding as a result. In a few flash scenes it look like her ability to sell the info is compromised by the Chitauri he have taken her and demand the information.

The book begins its conclusion checking back in on Adam Warlock, who stumbles into a version of an older Gamora on his desert journey. Adam learns he is in the Soul Gem, thats its a prison, and he is its Warden. He vanishes in front of Gamora, as she asks what about the rest of us, and pops up out of his cocoon stating he's FREE … but not really because he comes face to face with Kang the Conqueror.

Overall, this was a very setup heavy issue for a conclusion to a series, and only did an alright job of wrapping up the lose ends in the series youd expect in a conclusion. If your looking for your Guardians fix you'll now have to follow the upcoming one shot event titles approaching, at a higher price no doubt, so thats a little disapointing, but if it continues to be 'good' not a huge deal breaker personally.  The art looks great but I would prefer a brighter color palette for a space title and not see things so washed out.

Bits and Pieces

Guardians of the Galaxy wraps up in a kind of ho-hum way as more a prelude for things to come than more of a true conclusion.  Your excitement level for this issue depends a lot of whats yet to come so if your fine with that you'll be fine here, but I was slightly let down.


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